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Put on 6 pounds

I've slipped off the wagon over the last month, eating unhealthily in the evenings, not bothering with the walk I used to take after work, and not doing the weekly weigh-in. On my previous weigh-in on 6th March I was 13 stone 12 pounds BMI 29.37. Today I'm 14 stone 4 pounds BMI 30.27. Have been feeling a bit miserable so no doubt that is why bad habits crept back in. Am really disappointed to now be officially obese again. I need to lose 2 pounds to get back to not being obese. Am determined to not do any more unhealthy snacking in the evenings and resume my after work walk, and perhaps do a bit more exercise at home.

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Just replyed to you and did not summit, I felt like you putting on, this week actually lost 2 pounds now must keep motivated. I wrote food down it all adds up. Even apples! Keep trying must help pain even if only small amount we can do it! make ourselves feel betterx


Stay focused Anthony I weigh myself come what may and that I think is my key to maintenance gotta keep your eye on the ball! Well done on dragging yourself back on the wagon hold tight!


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