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C25K W5R3

Yes, yes, yes I did it!! I was going to do the run last night when I got in from work, but was feeling off colour. I got up this morning, put my kit on and went into the barn, set up the treadmill and off I went! I started off the warm up walk and run badly, coughing as quite phlegmy but as I got 8 mins into the run I wasn't going to give up, I turned my phone face down so I couldn't count down, put lady gaga on and got through it and maintained 7k/hr all the way through. Was very pleased to manage it as I really had my doubts. If I can do this, anyone can. I am 43 and could do with losing 3 stone too. Once you get into your stride, you just do it. Believe in the program and you too will ace this run :-) good luck to all when you are heading out on the 'dreaded w5r3' it really isn't as bad as we believe it is going to be :-)


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