Almost at Goal and off BP medication. Started the NHS Choices 1400 calories plan at the beginning of January along with the C25K podcasts

Have lost just over 1.5 stone and have 6lbs to go before I reach my goal weight. My BMI is now within a healthy range, the doctor has taken me off my blood pressure medication as BP going to low and was feeling dizzy/lightheaded. I've been off the medication now for 2 months, BP has remained normal, I'm so thrilled as been on medication for 8 years. Got a check up at docs next week just to check all OK, but checking BP myself and its within the normal range. I finished the 9 week C25k programme and carried on running 3 x a week, I now run for 45 mins at a time up and down hills! Thanks to NHS choices website with its array of information, I feel fantastic, I'm down to a size 10/12 and its a great boost buying new clothes as my old ones are far too big now. I have inspired a close friend and she has now started the C25K. (she's 66)!! My goal was to reach my target weight before my 50th birthday in August, and its looking like I'll make it! I haven't starved myself, and had eat treats and numerous meals out, even Indian) along my weight loss journey. Weight loss slowed to1lb off a week. Never thought I could lose so much weight in 4 months and at a healthy rate. I hope my story has inspired you all out there, just stay focused, and think thin and most importantly, think of all the health benefits you are gaining.


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8 Replies

  • Fantastic! Really inspiring to hear how well you've done while still enjoying life. Well done!

  • That's a fantastic achievement, well done.

  • Wow that's fantastic

  • I am so pleased for You!

    And I am so pleased that yours was the first blog I read this morning, as I was feeling demotivated last night but your story has helped me perk up.

    I too am also on medication for my BP , have been since I hit 50, and I'm now 61. I gained weight at approx 1 lb per year since my forties, and I now want to lose this excess 22lbs. Last year I fell and tore my knee , so can't run but I can walk for an hour or so, , so Im trying to drive less walk more, plus I incorporate a longer walk 3 times a week.

    I am 3 weeks into my healthy eating plan of 1200cals per day and felt I was doing well, but got weighed at doctors yesterday and his scales showed only a 3lb loss, I expected a bit more. But my BP has dropped to 114/73 for the dirst time in years (usually around 130/85 even with medication) so maybe like you, I will need to watch out for dizzy symptoms in case it drops further.


  • that is impressive and inspiring! congratulations!!

  • Well done on all your achievements - not long till you reach your final goal :)

  • Well done, I'm in my first week. Hope to do just as well

  • fantastic well done!!!!

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