Weight loss on NHS Plan

Hi all,

I have been following the advice and using the NHS BMI tracker since 4th December 2013 and have lost almost 3stones to date.

My diet has changed radically, I didn't eat that much meat before, but a lot of pizza, burgers, fries chicken etc.

Now, oats for breakfast, a LOT of fruit during day, and big bowl of veg soup in the evening. I have a boiled egg most days, and salmon twice a week.

My weight loss has started to level off, still losing about 1/2 - 1 lb per week, my BMI is still 26.4, and telling me I need to lose another 8 lbs or so.

I am enjoying my diet, but I realise that losing weight is only half the battle, keeping it off is just as hard.

I have just started the couch to 5k more to build health than to loose weight, but that would be a benefit too.

wishing you all a good day,


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19 Replies

  • Well done. I am inspired.

  • Wow, well done. I have the same amount of weight to lose and knowing how well you've done is inspiring, it really is a lifelong change isn't it.

  • Well done. Such an inspiration !!!

  • You've given me the "kick up the......." I've needed for a while. I hope I can be as disciplined and successful as you. Well done indeed!!! X.

  • Well done. C25k is the easy bit for me. I just can't bring myself to calorie count. I am sure you'll see some steady weight loss once you really get into the programme.

  • Well done you! I am just about to start the NHS plan tomorrow - spending today eating up all the bad things in my cupboard. You have really encouraged me. Thank you!

  • I moved South two years ago but spent 13 happy years in Middlesbrough & Huddersfield

  • Thanks for the inspiring post. You have really achieved a lot over the last few months!

    I'm also a ex-Northener, having moved South from Stockton-on-Tees about 9 years ago :)

  • Well done!! C25k is brilliant as well

  • Well done. Wish I could say the same but only started yesterday. Hope I can say the same as you after the same time.

  • Well done!! Please remember that although you keep weighing yourself to see your weight loss goals, when you start training, you will gain weight as fat turns to muscle. So don't be too hard on yourself, as gaining muscle is a good thing, although your scales don't tell you that!!

  • Well done ,but what worries me is you cannot sustain this for life.What happens when you start to eat a normal diet, surely it will come back on?

  • On the 12 week plan it's about changing your habits and watching calories, - education carry on and you will stay the same. If you revert to your old ways you will regain, vlcd -very low calorie diets are notorious for this as are diets that cut out food groups Atkins springs to mind

  • I think you've perhaps missed the point.

    The 12 week plan is a process of re-training your eating habits away from those which caused you to put on excessive weight and towards eating habits (and exercise/activity habits) that will help you reduce your body weight / fat levels and ongoingly maintain a more normal weight body.

    To put that around another way - if you go back at the end of the plan to eating the way you did, you'll very probably put the weight back on again.

    Generally speaking, your body will adapt to the food that you put into it. If you put in a healthy, nutritious, sensibly-portioned diet, then your body will adapt accordingly. (With a few caveats for certain medical conditions).

    If you put in too much food, and particularly too much of the wrong types of food (high-calorie, sugar-laden, fatty), then your body will adapt to that by storing fat and gaining weight. (Again with a few caveats for certain medical conditions).

    Generally, if you stick with the plan and the 'new' habits for three months or so, you will probably continue with them for the rest of your life and thereby maintain a healthier body weight. (Or carry on reducing your level of excess weight).

  • That's the amount I'd like to lose! You certainly are inspirational!

  • Wow, we'll done! As someone else mentioned as your running you will gain muscle which we know weighs more than fat, so take your measures beforehand and you will notice more inch loss than weight loss....congratulations! :)

  • Well done! I have down loaded the plan, I was planning to begin it and your post has really inspired me. Thank you!

  • Wow well done! You are an inspiration! :)

  • Well done i am doing the couch to 5k I am on my 3rd week and have lost 1 and a half stone my starting weight was 22 stone 13 ponds :)

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