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Couch to 5 k !!!!!!!!!!

Hi folks so tomorrow is my weigh day and so far since the start of April I have lost 4 lbs ( not great ) however I'm doing the race for life in July so I did my day 1 of couch to 5k on Tuesday and it's day 2 tomoz so let's hope I can do it again and fingers crossed for a good loss this week at this rate I'm tempted to try the cambridge diet for a quick loss although I know it prob isn't the best answer but it gets you down when you try so hard and not much happens on the scales or with the tape measure

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I've been wondering about doing the couch to 5k too. I'll have a think overnight I've had a couple of dear friends where cancer took their life. I've always been thinking of doing something in their honour and for other people currently fighting cancer.

Well done Nicnac17 on starting the couch to 5k !!!


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