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After trying many different diets, I decided that losing weight is something that needs to be done properly. I have tried low carbs diets and don't get me wrong, they do work! However as soon as you reintroduce carbs, you are reintroducing the pounds too! So this time anything worth doing is worth doing properly.. that means new programmes at the gym and watching what I eat. My first target is to lose 10lbs In 6 weeks. It will take me into the 12 stone Mark. My overall target is to get to about 10.5-11 stone.. seems quite far away, but will be well worth the effort!!


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  • If you lost weight by reducing your carbs, why did you reintroduce them?

  • It is unrealistic to continue life on that diet. It becomes a chore to cook because it's all the same thing..

  • It depends on which carbs. I agree with you to some extent. I lost weight using Dr Dukan's regime, but I was forbidden any bread at all or any fruit. Now, I have one slice of wholemeal bread daily and one orange. When/if I reach my goal weight I shall introduce more carbs, but some carbs are soooo unhealthy, I'll probably never go back to them. I am no longer able to be as active as I was during decades of my earlier life. I don't, therefore, need a lot of carbs for energy.

  • I have IBS so suffer with constipation. I found I was never getting enough fibre to help the situation, until finally I was hospitalised and told to stop the diet. I would have continued had it not been for that. They introduced me to this 12 week thing and so I said I would give it a go. However my goal is to become fitter and so I have increased my exercise, resulting in wholemeal pasta, occasionally wholemeal bread and brown rice (never more than a handful).

  • Oh yes, constipation can be a problem. Are you remembering to drink enough? And wholemeal definitely as opposed to anything refined. How about fruit?

    For some reason, mushrooms are enough to keep me constipation-free. We just poach them in a little water then add balsamic vinegar.

  • I haven't in the past, but now I try to drink at least every hour or so. I eat fruit as if it is going out of fashion! I can't get enough of the stuff! I haven't yet found an exact item to help with the constipation.

  • Perhaps have a look at the differences between soluble and insoluble fibre, if you haven't already. I have to find a balance between the two as I'm prone to constipation too. Flax seeds or linseed seem to help some people. I have found that probiotic yoghurt seems to help me.

    Good luck with the change in eating.

  • I totally agree with your philosophy on healthy eating. I lost 2 stone on a low carb diet about 5 years ago, but when I returned to eating normally, it went back on.

    This time I have not eliminated anything from my diet, but am eating in moderation. I still have wine, chocolate etc, just significantly less of it than I did before! I have lost a stone so far :)

  • Hello sounds like me I lost loads 3stone when I cut my wheat intake to practically none due to ibs. But I loved bread and piled it back on again ingnore how uncomfortable I was. Not a smart move on my part but to be honest none of us would be on here trying to lose weight if we had been smarter on the diet front. Ive done alsorts but this time im doing it right using the right tools and support and cutting back on the dreading wheat. Im doing really well doing it this way feel so much better. Glad you choose to join good luck you seem so determined im sure your reach your goal x x x x

  • We were out today, went to a political launch of our party's manifesto for the spring elections. We'd all arranged to meet up afterwards at a very historic local pub. I decided to have lamb's liver and bacon in onion gravy with broccoli and carrots. There were also 3 scoops of creamed potato. I didn't eat them but ate everything else.

    Later, we went to a wildlife centre where they make the most wonderful home-made cakes. I'd normally have a slice. I didn't. I wasn't even tempted. I might never eat cake again! So what - it's not essential to life.

    We got home just about 5 pm and we're not hungry.

    I wouldn't like to be without bread altogether, but at present I'm having one slice of wholemeal a day (with my boiled egg this morning) but as long as I can have one slice, that's fine.

  • Hi Chris_tina431,

    I've reached your first target: I'm 6 and a half weeks into the 12 week plan and so far have lost 12lbs. I'm only a little overweight, and because of this I thought it would be harder to lose. But I've just taken the main advice from the plan - healthy eating, calorie reduction, and increased exercise, strengthening sessions. And it's worked! I think your target sounds sensible and achievable and I'd encourage you to give it your all for a few weeks to see how you progress. good luck!

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