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Back with a capital B!

Restart weight: 15 st 1lb.

How easy it is to become complacent ! I am the same weight now, as I was at the end of January! I've stuck, gained ,and lost a pound here and there and am 3 pounds heavier than my lightest weight of this year!

I have lost over 5 stones in the last 3 years and it would be a shame to let it creep back.

I would realistically like to lose another 2 and a half stone. I haven't set a time limit, I just want it to go :-)

I still go to Boot's every Monday to get weighed, this at least, keeps me aware, but having someone to report to ( albeit in cyber space) will hopefully give me the kick up the jacksie I need!

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Welcome, you should find this site helps you. A lot of us on here are equally stuck at tines, or we slip off the wagon ...but reading the posts on here helps get back on track. Good luck, youve done well so far, dont give up.:)


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