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HELP!!! I'm heading towards self destruct.....as usual!

I have been following the NHS Choices Weight Loss Plan, for the last 5 weeks, and managed to lose 11 pounds. However, we went away for the weekend and obviously it was difficult to count calories, I don't think I ate that much, but when I got back I'd managed to put 5 pounds back on!! My problem is I have now got myself into a 'whats the point' attitude? I really want to lose weight (I have about 4 stone to lose in total), but we like to go away several times a year - and if I'm going to feel like this every time I get back then I just can't see a way out, and I can feel myself heading into the never ending spiral of comfort eating, which always seems to happen when I'm dieting. I've already eaten 6 Wagon Wheel Wheelies this morning and now feel guilty. We go away again in 5 weeks and it's all inclusive, and even though I know I could lose up to 10 pounds before then - I'm beginning to think its all just a waste of time and energy.

Any advice or pep talks greatly received!!

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I go through the 'whats the point' from time to time, most usually when we have guests over weekend or travel away.

Here is my suggestion, try to avoid "all inclusive" arrangements, and organize B&B or apartment accommodation. There are also resorts with healthy food and joint exercise options. In the end, whats the point of vacation if I'm gonna feel bad afterwards.

Good luck :)


Everybody falls of the wagon sometime so it's normal and not a big deal. You are trying to break the habits of a lifetime so no wonder you revert back to old bad eating habits because habits are so ingrained they become our natural way of behaving and start to control us instead of the other way around. You are trying to form habits that are your friend instead of your enemy but human nature can be very self-destructive and you are probably torn between comforting yourself with food or punishing yourself with food. You need to look at the long term goal (healthy weight) and set yourself a timescale to lose that weight (be very reasonable and give yourself a longer rather than shorter time). Then you know that that 6 months or year or 2 is going to have to include an eating/exercise programme that will be hard work and include self-denial all the time. But as you strengthen your 'self-denial' part of you and weaken your ' self-indulgence' part of you, it will get easier. Remember, losing weight is not the most important thing in your life but 'balance' in your overall life is the goal so losing weight is only one aspect of your life so keep that in perspective. Sometimes we think we would be happy if we were thin but actually you will be happier if you have a balanced life. When it comes to holidays, one of the good parts is the treats and eating out. If this is going to set you back you will have to reassess going away and make sure you are only 'maintaining' your current weight while you are away and not trying to lose. Use Myfitnesspal while you are away to include treats and remember to still exercise. If going away makes you fat, then maybe the main part of getting away is the food and you will have to change that by making the main part the scenery, the lack of stress, spending time with loved ones and for you food will have to be further down the list. Hopefully, some of what I said will be helpful. Best of luck! And....if you are an emotional eater try and find a different way of dealing with your emotions....if stressed...go for a 5 minute walk instead of eating a wagon wheel. If lonely or sad...do something nice for someone else to take your mind off yourself..phone someone to say hello, send someone a nice card etc. Hope you are successful!


Well written and so encouraging!!!


I doubt whether much of the 5lb is actually gain in fat. You have to over eat by 3500kcal just to gain 1lb of fat. 5lb would be 17500kcal extra!! There is no way you managed to go over on calories that much in one weekend :)

Most of it is probably water weight / bloating from overdoing the food and drink. As long as you get back on track, you should find it drops off again fairly fast. Just pick yourself back on up and carry on with what was working before. You know how to lose the weight, given you already lost 11lb in 5 weeks, which is amazing progress by the way!

Even if you managed to put 5lb back on, then over the 5 weeks of weight loss plan you have lost a total of 6lb. If you keep going at that rate of around 1lb per week you would lose all 4 stone by this time next year. So, even if you go away a few times and slow your progress because of that, it won't really matter in the long run.

I certainly have the attitude that it is OK to sometimes over indulge as long as I make healthier choices most of the time. Life is too short to allow it to be completely overtaken by "dieting".


Thats positive advice, albionjen.

I am on my Week 4, and actually away right now in a hotel in majorca . Im worried I may put on weight and then give up. But using Myfitnesspal is really helpful to me, to try and kerp an eye what I eat and how much I walk. I have not overeaten but its difficult with menus as you've no udea exactly whats in the recipe. Butbuts the AVERAGE that counts, eg I had icecream, wine and 1750 cals one day but a two hour walk meant a net 1160 yeterday....so fingers crossed .


I'm going away this week and I'm thinking the same thing. That I'll end up putting on weight to try and lose it again. The way I'm trying to deal with it in my mind is to try and not have the take-away type foods and eat sort of heathy when I'm away. Have the odd piece of cake or ice cream. As we're doing the all in buffet type food at least I can choose the type of foods. I'll aim to do a run while away either once or twice depending on what our plans are while away. It's best to see it as a lifestyle change long term rather than short term. The aim to eat and love a heathier lifestyle to manage your weight. Just get back on the wagon and plod on. It's better for us in long term. I've still got 2 stone to lose. Good luck. :-)


At least with the buffet style you know there will be plenty of salad stuff... and ham, prawns etc , just have to avoid the mayo dressings! And I always find the pastas and desserts hard to resist (maybe your partner will be willing to just share one? ). But a good walk, swim etc should all helps balance things out. Ha, thats the theory anyway. Good luck.

I havent calculated my average yet for this whole week.its been difficult anyway cuz had to " guesstimate" lots of items as I did not know the weight or quantity. For example , I reckon my majorcan G&T was actually more than a UK double, so I added it as 2.5 measures on myfitnesspal, and I shared half of my partners dessert (creme brulee) which I had to guess at with help of myfitnesspals list of options (I chose the m&s version, so could be spot on or way out, who knows!) Oh, well... ive tried to be quite good, and still had a fab holiday , so thats what counts:)


Personally I find that counting calories is very difficult anyway and this is not the way I choose to lose weight. I know the NHS recommends it, but it has always seemed to me to be fairly unrealistic and difficult for most people who have busy lives.

I've found that being away from home is always more difficult because the day seems to include more meals. Sandwich lunch then dinner - both are more substantial than what we normally eat at home.

I am following a low carbohydrate high protein diet at present and in the week since I started I've lost 2.2 pounds. I am doing this for a month. The next time we go away is late May and we've already chosen our dinner from the menu.

We also go on several 'short breaks' in the year, although we've never gone 'all inclusive' (what does that mean?) We're going to Switzerland in June and then, probably the next time we're away will be to attend a wedding in late August. We were away for New Year and then before Easter at a farm B&B. The food there was irresistible. The first time for ages we found people who understood that fruit cake is eaten with cheese (preferably Wensleydale).

Wagon Wheels - it's many years since I ate one of those and I wouldn't bother buying them.

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'All inclusive' basically means that all your meals and drinks are included in the holiday price - meals are usually buffet style.

Everyone thinks I'm weird because I eat my Christmas Cake with cheese!! And you're right about the Wagon wheels - they weren't as nice as I remember!


Buffet-style would be OK for me because no one notices that I don't add potatoes to my plate. We've stayed in hotels which were mainly populated by older people and the ethos seemed to be 'you've paid for it, you might as well eat it'. Some of them went back for second and even third helpings, especially at breakfast. You would think they were expecting a famine, although they had lunch laid on and then dinner.

Oh yes, Christmas cake, according to the way I was brought up, need not be iced, but it should be eaten with cheese. Preferably a soft cheese like Wensleydale. And apple pie with cheese - to die for!


I agree that counting calories is not the best way to lose weight. My own preference is to use portion control. I find the easiest way to do this is to have a small plate but you can find portion size recommendations on line. Don't forget that because you've paid for it you can leave it on your plate.

I also ignore the advice about weighing myself. I weigh every day, at the same time. This means that if I've gained a pound or two I can be extra careful.

Everybody has different ideas about dieting. Be good to yourself and keep exercising, you'll feel 👍


Try to add in as much healthy food (ideally raw fruit, veg, nuts and beans) as possible before having something with a high calorie and sugary count. You will feel bloated on the unhealthy food but walk away from the table feel satisfied and not bloated, when eating more healthily. Blips and stumbling along the way are normal. Think about a toddler learning to walk. - he doesn't say " Oh I fell down, I'd better not try again" He just keeps going till he improves his balance and takes one step, then two and before he knows it, he is walking. Changing what we eat is very much the same, learning new habits and discarding the old ones takes time. Treat sugar as a drug that your body (and brain) has to be weaned off. Read and and learn about food, health and any health issues that you may have. Check out health issues on youtube, there are some very interesting and truly inspiring stories out there. Good luck. When you understand the impact that food has on our health and not just weight, you will then understand the impact it can have to make us feel much better and combat many illnesses as well.


I agree with this. We have 'learned' bad habits and it takes time to overcome them, change them. We have also been fed misinformation, the worst example of recent times being 'all fat bad, low-fat (with added sweetening) good'.


Thank you all for your resonses - feeling much more motivated now. I know that its normal to have a blip every now and then - but its difficult trying to change the habits of a lifetime! 3 out of the 5 pounds have gone - despite the wagon wheels!!

Thank you all again - and hopefully I can lose another few pounds before I go away again!!


Definitely ditch the wagon wheels!!

I don't count calories when I am away and usually put on 2-3 lb but it goes quickly and I enjoy my hols.

When you have been on your changed eating habits for a bit longer you will find you eat less anyway so it gets easier.

Good luck and I love the advice about a toddler learning to walk!


Its not a waste of time and energy. You don't gave to deny yourself all treats. If you have a treat then try and reduce your portion size for one meal or spend just a few mins doing some exercises at home. Picture yourself in your swimwear on holiday and hold that thought. Keep strong, you can do it.


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