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Any ideas for indoor home exercises?

I started the 12 week plan 8 weeks ago and 4 weeks in I was doing great but then the dreaded placement started which meant shift work and after doing a 12 and a half hour shift then an hour and a half journey there and home 4 times a week, I just just got tired and fed up that I went back to eating really badly and doing absolutely no exercise what so ever on my days off!

I'm looking to lose 3-4 stone but definitely want to lose it slowly as I've heard it's better/sustainable that way. If anyone else is just starting/ restarting like me would anyone like to buddy up?

During my good 4 weeks I started to take up the couch to 5K which I thought is really good but I live next to loads of main roads so it really smells when I go running, I kinda feel I'm doing myself more harm than good due to the fumes.

Is there any tips on how to keep motivated and any cardio exercises I can do indoors to save me the dreaded smog of London/ spending money (I'm not tight just a very poor student haha)?

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Ha! It take it u r a student nurse like me......placement is a killer I'm just coming from a night shift and do I want to exercise ....he'll no! But I do small exercise at home if u are on Instagram follow people that are all about weight loss and they give good exercise and great tips.....its a struggle everyday I get what you mean.....don't even talk about poor!!!!


hahahaha you got me hahaha ok thanks very much, how have you kept on track during placements because every-time I get into a routine, placement just throws it right off and then it takes me a week few weeks after I finish to get back into the swing of things and I just feel like giving up


On my off days except for after a night shift.....I wake up early as my body is used to being I don't have a lay in ...I start my day early and do my exercise then and that way I can catch up on alot of things and the hours in the day seem alot more cause I utilise my time.....morning cardiovascular exercise is great. Just do small amounts to start with and don't pressure yourself like it's a punishment.....when you feeling tired listen to your body cause placement ain't easy hun


i take it you have internet .. as you are asking this question online. Recently I have bought a hdmi cable from £1 shop and have plugged my laptop into the tv. I then went on youtube and searched for a cardio workout video. I just copied that. After about 10minutes im really tired and sweating loads. Theres hundreds of different workout videos on there so just find one that suits you and try fit in a couple a week :) has helped me drop weight and fast


Thanks for the replies :) I found some good ones on youtube and I have just started the Davina Super fit workout DVD it's AMAZING definitely gets you sweating haha might have to get all her DVDs for variety :)


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