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In need of help of restarting 12 week plan

Hey everyone, I'm going to say I'm new here even though I signed up a while ago, this is my first ever forum, in fact this is my first ever post to anything, so here goes.

I started the 12 week plan 8 weeks ago and 4 weeks in I was doing great but then the dreaded placement started which meant shift work and after doing a 12 and a half hour shift then an hour and a half journey there and home 4 times a week, I just just got tired and fed up that I went back to eating really badly and doing absolutely no exercise what so ever on my days off!

During my good 4 weeks I started to take up the couch to 5K which I thought is really good but I live next to loads of main roads so it really smells when I go running, I kinda feel I'm doing myself more harm than good due to the fumes.

Is there any tips on how to keep motivated and any cardio exercises I can do indoors to save me the dreaded smog of London/ spending money (I'm not tight just a very poor student haha)?

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You could invest in a static bike to use at home. Mine only cost £99 and it folds away so doesn't take up much room either. I use mine whilst watching the tv and also when I am reading - you don't feel yourself exercising as your mind is focused elsewhere. x


That is an amazing idea thank you :)


I can understand you finding it difficult working those hours and with the travelling. If you are still doing that perhaps you could do a bit more food planning on your days off? If you can prepare stuff to take with you and maybe very quick meals for when you are home and batch cook so you just need to reheat? I find it essential to plan meals even without your work hours to contend with.

Are there any parks you could get to to do c25k away from the traffic? Good luck you have lots to contend with.


Hey thanks for your reply :) I agree, I do tend to plan meals as I find it stops me buying things I won't use or shouldn't really be snacking on, but I definitely shall do more batch cooking on my days off, Thank you

Hadn't really thought of running in the park although its small I guess its better than being buy the main roads thanks :) How have you been getting on?


I lost 22 lb last year must am finding it difficult to shift the last 7 I want to go, but that's me not being careful enough. C25k has changed my shape totally though for the better and I am,at 59, fitter than ever in my life. Have you looked at the c25k forum, it is very supportive.


Don't get so wrapped up in trying to shift those numbers on a scale that you forget to recognise how well you are doing Windswept1.


No I'm not, that's why they are not going. I would just feel a bit more comfortable when exercising if my belly was slightly smaller. But it will go eventually with exercise.


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