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A nice present for the bank holiday

I've been staying with my parents this past week and have only just managed to do my weekly weigh in. Normally I'd weigh in at 5pm on Sundays but I was travelling then so I couldn't.

It's been a bit of a tense week as I'd only lost a 1lb the week before (the fact that I lost 4lbs the week before just about took away the sting of it not being 2.) I took my weight watcher recipe books with me and offered to cook tea in the evenings as I was concerned I might pig out too much with being on holiday. Also my parents are both very overweight and although they are supportive and one of them is on a diet I was worried I might over eat because they were.

This seemed to work a treat. Not only were they both very complimentary of my cooking (almost unheard of as I don't think they think I can cook since bringing home a horrid tasting sausage dish from home ec class when I was in my teens and the fact that my sister and mum never both take over the kitchen so I never got a look in when I lived at home) but they also lost some weight too. My mum posted on facebook saying she missed me and my cooking and that she'd lost 2lbs.

The cherry on top of it all though is that I managed to loose 2lbs this week despite being a bit naughty because I was on holiday. It takes my total loss to 3 stone so far which means I've got 2.5lbs until I'm halfway to my target which is 6st 5lbs.

Feeling very proud of myself. I feel like anything is possible now. Somehow 3st doesn't seem so hard to loose now I've already managed to loose the first 3.

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Well done on your achievement - that is fantastic :-) Terrific that your parents loved your cooking and well done for your mother losing 2lbs as well :-)


Well done!!! This is a great achievement. :D


Well done , you are doing very well so far!!


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