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Tracking of my Achievements in the 3 months. Starting 14th April. Giving all the viewers an inspiration as I start my journey!

I took up an challenge of 3 months to loose 13 kg. I started my journey on 14th April and will be finishing on 14 th of July. I was 64.5 kg on 14th of April and my height is 5 foot. My first weigh in will be on every Monday! :D So Guys Please do share your experience below. I will keep you guys updated so I can motivate others into getting healthy.

Starting weight : 64.5 kg

week 1 - 62.8 kg

week 2 - 62.2 kg

Week 3 - 61.4 kg (major tip guys eat dinner early as possible. I have mine at max 8.30 .

Week 4 - 60.7 kg tip of the week ( use checklist to plan tomorrow with appropriate set time. ) such as food. Plan before hand.

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That sounds like a very large aim, especially as you're not that over weight. I need to lose about the same to put me in the middle of heathy weight. You sound very determined so good luck. Looking forward to tracking your progress.


Actually I am overweight for my height. By loosing 13 kg I can be at a healthy weight. I just came back from jogging now. Feels amazing in the morning.:D and sure will keep everyone updated every Monday :D .


Hi guys end of week 1! my New weight is 62.8kg :D I am very happy. Next Monday will work hard to reach 61.7kg !

Eating Five a Day really does help a lot! :D Keep it up guys!.


Hi I'm new to this site.. and starting my diet tomorrow. I'm 12stone and need to lose 2stone. I go away in ten wks and desperate to lose weight tried every diet possible over past 4 myths, feeling very low. What did you mean by eating five a day.


"Five a day" means 5 portions of vegetables and fruit in one day. 3 portions of veg and 2 of fruit is a good balance. Either fresh or frozen is ok, but too much fruit juice is not a good idea.


Exactly what Penel said fruits and vegetables for example one banana can be one of your five a day.


Hi there, I am doing something similar to you. I'm starting this week at 5"2 weighing 67.3 kg and aiming to by September weigh 55.25 kg. I recently broke my ankle and had surgery leaving me unable to walk for 2 months so put on about half a stone, this kind of gave me a kick up the bum to get my weight loss going! (plus all the comments saying that I've put on weight haha)

Let me know how your journey goes! :)




Get well soon Ashleigh.

If you are not able to do physical activity then perhaps improving on eating more fruits and vegetables?

Do let me know how it goes your weight loss. :)



Get well soon dear !! I am in same situation like you, 5"2 height weight 67 kg :) I cant walk , mobility problems :( Wish you good luck :)


Hi guys sorry I did not get back to you all yesterday, but This week has been very challenging as I have been eating out with friends. :( but still My new weight is ..... 62.2 kg :D :D :D It may not be much as what my goal is, but I am not giving up yet. I recently downloaded this ' My Fitness Pal' App which allows me to track what I eat and how much calories to intake So this week will keep up my Five a day and this app. :D see you guys next week !


Hi guys great news I finally achieved the week 2 weight. Due to the eating out I fell behind but no worries I am catching up. Well tip of the week ! Eat your dinner at 7/8 pm. It helps to digest. My new weight is 61.4 kg . Good eh . Let me know how everyone's diet going. Well see you next week ! If you need any tips just ask me over here. I will be glad to help out. ;)cioa guys


Hi everyone. Might I emphasis first this cardio workout sure is making my life better. I am more active and full of energy. Right now I am 60.7 kg ! Wooppee guys! Do let me know how evryone is doing and I will keep updating you guys.


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