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I know the negative press on this, radio 4 also ran a programme today about testosterone ( negative light)

Anyone using them? From what I see cardiovascular disease is the number one killer. If these can be used with positive effects on weight are they worth the risk

If we do nothing and your diagnosed with type 2 diabetes you will be luck to see 60. Desperate action, advice please

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are any medicines worth the risk ? are we really that much healthier nowadays than we were before all these prescription drugs were available or are we a generation of prescription junkies ? im not sure what the answer is many people believe the medicines we take encourage the growth of superviruses, bugs and immunity to disease. i think an awful lot of issues including diabetes are handed down through the generations not just because of original genetic make up but by abnormalities we put into our genetics by using processed foods and drinks the chemicals were exposed to daily, unfortunately theres not alot we can do about reducing this exposure as we are subjected to it daily and weve become dependant. where possible i try to eat as healthy and as natural as i can and i have noticed massive improvements in my health. my children have always ate better than me and are actually for children not as succeptable to colds flus and everything else theyre exposed to in school and always recover and manage anything far better than me.

if steroids are an option for reducing the risks then why not after all whats the other alternatives ? do we really know the effects of anything on our bodies ?


Most of the negative effects of testosterone therapy are mitigated by exercise, particularly cardiovascular exercise. Your testicles will shrink however and you may want to consider using HCG in tandem with test to avoid this. You also run the risk of becoming dependent upon the testosterone but for a lot of people past 40-50 thats irrelevant. Lots of resources available to research this sort of thing.


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