Motivation to get back on the horse!

Hi. I have just discovered this forum so wondered if I could pick your brains.

Last year I lost almost 2stone (with still another 3 to go) but now not only have I lost all motivation but I have put about half the weight back on. We have booked our first holiday abroad in years for August so I have a goal, but I am STILL struggling for motivation.

I think it's because I feel that by not reaching my target weight before an then putting some back on, that I have failed and I will fail again.

Does anyone have any words of motivation please?

Thank you



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10 Replies

  • well done for losing 2 stone! I have done the same. Why not consider couch25k. I did the Bournemouth run B4 I found this site. Waddled and walked it instead but now I think I will start wk 1 of the 9 week challenge to do an actual run. To ride again is a good goal too!

  • Thank you for your reply :)

    I do think I need a goal, I LOVE my food and dont enjoy exercise that much so maybe an exercise goal would be a good idea...

  • Your changes want to be enjoyable, or you will find your motivation waning again.

    Also, it doesn't matter how active you are if you continue to take in too much food that elevates your insulin levels you will find it difficult to lose weight.

  • Is there a particular sport or exercise that you prefer more than others? Perhaps take that up. Ive started swimming as I really enjoy that and don't see it as exercise whereas the idea of getting on a treadmill in a gym brings me out in hives!

    Congratulations on loosing the 2st. Don't beat yourself up too much as what you have achieved is fantastic. When I started back in January I had 6st 5lbs to loose I've now lost 2st 12lbs and although I still have another 3st 7lbs it somehow doesn't seem as daunting. Maybe try setting smaller goals. I think it's helped me.

    I've been concentrating on each stone, setting myself countdowns and motivational messages on my phone's calendar. I'm also focussing on milestones like going from obese to overweight and loosing a certain amount by my summer holiday.

    Ultimately I think it's good to have a range of goals. They don't even have to be size or weight based. Today I visited Lincoln and climbed steep hill without stopping (anyone who knows it will know it's a near vertical climb). Ever since I went to uni there I've never been able to climb the hill in one go I've also had to stop or worse get on the little mini bus that the old folks use. Climbing it without stopping was a real boost for me. It prooved to me what I have achieved the last few months and why I shouldn't stop.

    Maybe write a list of reasons why you want to do this. Leave it somewhere where you'll keep seeing it. It might give help you kickstart getting back into that frame of mind.

  • Hi Em,

    It doesn't make sense, does it? You were obviously doing something right to lose 2 stone, so you know how to lose weight. And of course you didn't want to put any of it back on but you did. You and most other dieters, myself included. What's the matter with us all?

    A few thoughts. First of all, targets can be dangerous because when you don't hit them you feel the failure. You wanted to lose 5 stone and lost 2. So you failed? No, you succeeded in losing 2 stone. Go and pick up some weights - find out what 2 stone feels like and then you'll realise how great that was not to be carrying those 2 stone around.

    Secondly, you can't diet and then stop dieting because you know what's going to happen. You have to change your eating habits permanently.

    Thirdly, for much the same reason, you shouldn't see your August holiday as an end-goal. What if you've lost a stone by then. That would be brilliant but it's still not where you want to be. So just see that as a short-term aim - to look and feel better by that holiday - but don't stop there.

    Of course, vanity is a big driver for us all. But you're saying that you've got 5 stone to lose. So surely, you're pretty concerned about long-term health, aren't you? So isn't your goal to lose 5 stone and to be fitter and healthier so you can enjoy life more, including looking better? It hardly matters if it takes 6 months or 6 years - be on a journey to better health.

    Next, you have to share - let everyone know what you're doing so, when you see them, they'll ask how you're getting on. If you've done well, that will be great. If you haven't done well, it's still great to talk to someone. It gives you a perspective and helps you move on and keep going. We all need that.

    These thoughts are what work for me now. I yo-yoed for years. I had successes on different approaches but then went backwards. A year ago, I had 5 stone to lose to go from obese to a normal weight. I had a chart saying how much i'd lose by when. I changed my diet for life. I discovered I was losing at a lower rate than my chart - so I changed my chart. Because I wasn't failing, I was succeeding, just not quite as fast as I had written down.

    I lost 3 stone in about 10 months and then I plateaued (is that a verb?). I didn't panic and, after a couple of months I started to move down again, albeit more slowly. I'm losing about 2 lbs a month now. Doesn't sound much but it's 24 lbs a year and that's 3 of my 4 kg weights - but, more importantly, it will get me to a normal weight. I have told everyone I know what I'm doing and I bore them with my progress - but it keeps me going in the right direction. I was brave enough to have a health check recently - I wouldn't have dared a year ago.

    In this country we're following Americans into obesity and poor health. It seems to me that this site is about reversing that trend, and about like-minded people unlocking good health by losing weight. You know what to do - just keep doing it, acknowledge each gain and take the long-term view. Good luck.

  • Thank you SO much for all replies.

    martinfishgold - THANKYOU! You have put into words what my brain can't seem to figure out on it's own. Your comment about not being concerned how long it takes to lose as it is helping improve my life has hit home. Thankyou.

    I feel conscious telling people esp. my family that I am back on a diet. I am pretty sure they see it that I have failed once, so all this is just empty words. Ahhh the joys of struggling with weight/myself!

  • Put your favourite outfit that you wore when you first lost your weight where you can see it every day then when you get there go out and get a new outfit you want to wear on holiday and do the same best of luck

  • Hi Escholes,

    I love the taste of good food too. On previous 'diets' I did not cope well with the idea that I could not to eat this or that. Now that I started to count calories with myfitnesspal, I can actually eat anything - it just has to be in smaller portions. And while I might not eat so much, I can keep the taste longer in my mouth by eating slower. I often do feel hungry instead of having just a craving to put food into my mouth - especially when I am stressed or tired. But I tell myself it is ok to be hungry, that it is natural, it won't harm me, the next meal will be there and it will be nourishing and keep me going. To my on surprise I find myself choosing foods, which make me feel full longer. Months ago I would not have touched kidney beans or lentils, but now I think they actally taste nice especially if one adds lemon or spices. I seem to save a lot of money on food too, with which I allow myself a special treat each week to make it worthwhile.

    As the others suggested before, concentrate on your achievement, sometimes it is two steps forwards one step back, but we still arrive at our goal. Good luck.

  • Hi you sound just like me !!! So last year I was a member of ww and went from 15 stone 13 lbs down to 14.2 and I felt loads better I got lots of nice compliments from friends and it was great then after our holiday in June I gave up and started to put weight on then I quit ww and it went down hill from there so we booked our holiday this year for August and I got on the scales about 2 weeks ago and I was up to 16 stone I would love to get to 14 for our holiday but I'm not focusing on that so I maiming for 7 lbs loss as my first target last week I weighed in at 15.10 so next weigh in is on Saturday ! Anyway that's the long and fat of it all lol !!!!!!!!!!! So I'm in the same boat as you and if I don't shift this weight this boat is gonna sink very fast

  • We wont sink!!!! We can do it!

    It's good to hear its not just me, I have had a good week this week. Exercise nowhere near what I want it to be but have kept track of calories and am doing well. Last time I did this hubby got me the hairy dieters book for ideas and I have made some teas from that this week...they are LOVELY!

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