hello there fifty year old ex smoker

im 50 yrs old this year i stopped smoking 60 a day two years ago after 30 years ive put on 3stone, and have never felt worse, sore back sore legs, and overweight well hears were it stops time to start the road back, used to play football ,golf, and still ride me motorbike, im 5 ft 9 inches and 14 stone 10 lbs, so ive a fair wee bit to lose, but i cannot be beaten,,,,, cheers for now, Dan, i wish you all luck on your similar goals, here if anyone needs a hand up,


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  • Hello Madbiker

    I gave up smoking 7 years ago and gained 4 stone. Isn't it terrible that you feel worse for giving up? However, I started the Couch to 5k and took up cycling and lost it all. I didn't 'diet' at all but watched what I ate, stopped eating between meals and STOPPED when I'd eaten enough. No foods were banned. I even ate chocolate. Trick is to be aware of what you are eating and enjoy every mouthful. Once you start to stop enjoying it, stop eating. Don't eat everything on your plate because you feel guilty about leaving food. Better in the bin than on the waistline. In restaurants, don't think because you've paid for it you have to eat it all. Bad enough you've paid for it without adding insult to injury by eating more than you need to.

    Now I need to put my own words into action as I have gained one of those stones back! However, I feel more healthy now than I ever did in my twenties. I'm now 57!!

    Good Luck!!

  • Thanks Biker, I appreciate your support, really I do, its so rare in this day and age. Everyone keeps telling me that I'm not fat, but I shouldn't be 13 stone at 5'4"! I think they're just used to seeing me round! I gave up smoking last Jan and that put the nail in the coffin really, another stone, but I do feel better for not smoking anymore. Good on ya for succeeding. However, couch to 5k is out of my league right now, had a back injury October which has left my right leg dead. So, epidural later, I'm really waiting to see what I can get back. In the mean time, loosing weight would only benefit me greatly in my health and self esteem. I've started a food diary today and have already become aware of just how much I don't notice passing my lips! Thanks for your encouragement and welcome to the boards.

  • Sorry guys, didn't mean to interfere, thought the post was for me. Sorry. Good luck mad biker, you will feel the benefit eventually, but after so much abuse to your body, it's gonna take time. after 15 years on 20 a day it took me 5 months to get my breath back.

  • BIKERCHICK, you are more than welcome, i fell and did my back good and proper three years ago, and assuch my right lower leg is constantly niggling me, but hey last year i lost almost a stone, by cycling aand going for a half hours walk every day,,,, i shall go back to tthat and watch i am eating daily i use two small apps on my phone, if you can download them they are free and well worth it, for what i eat and daily calorie intake i use my fitness pal, which is a goldmine with free food scanner ,and for fitness i use strava, which lets me record a walk /run/cycle, and how much calories i have burnt u and time,

    best of luck on yer weight loss hopefully we all will get there ,Dan

  • If you can give up 60 a day you can do ANY THING. Well done. By the way riding a motorbike burns up quite a lot of calories. That's got to be a good excuse plus it's hard to eat while riding!

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