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Why am I not loosing weight???

Im 22, 5 ft 6 female and about 6 months ago I weighted myself and noticed that I weighed 10 stone. I used to weigh 8.5-9 stone

I'm devastated and my clothes don't fit me much, but what's killing me even more is that I've changed my diet to a high portion of vegetables and fruit compares to a fairly high carb diet.

I power walk 20 mins a day and go to a high intensity cardio class twice a week.

I don't usually have chest days, but I will normally drink alchohol on my weekends.

Why can't I shift this stone:(

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Sometimes it can be difficult to know why you're not losing weight. Make sure you are eating a good amount of protein too, and more veg than fruit.


This page has a table of calories in alcoholic drinks: nhs.uk/Livewell/alcohol/Pag...

Perhaps you could work out from that if the weight gain is due to the alcohol?


Maybe you were still growing! You still have a healthy BMI for a start look at your diet are you still gaining weight or has it plateaued?

I am 5 ft 6 and would give my eye teeth to be 10 stone! Although I have a good few years on you!

That said I look right at 10 10 and can fit into a generous size 8 ( I am a 10 really) and sometimes a 12 :( what is your dress size? at 5' 6" I wouldn't think you want to be much less than an 8


Have you been to see a doctor? If you've tried really hard to change diet and exercise then there is a possibility that there could be something else medically getting in the way. I just thought I wasn't trying hard enough before when I've tried to slim down but I discovered last July that I had an under active thyroid which can cause weight gain and also slows your metabolism down. I'm now on tablets and weight loss is much easier now my thyroid levels are normal. .


I wonder; did you mention the alcohol because you thought it was a contributing factor?


Alcohol is very fattening and makes us eat more while under the influence. It also upsets fluid levels.

i would say though that almost everyone weighs more in their 20s than in their teens if you look at old women's household books that were written before the diet industry was invented they give weight tables based on height and age and they will always show a woman in her 20s weighing a bit more than a girl in her late teens.

Be careful with fruit it has sugar in it andsome fruits like bananas and grapes will not help weight loss at all. Also if you exercise a lot you will get muscles on your legs and buy that you did not have and this will make you weigh more.Muscle weighs more so the scales are not a good indicator of how fat you are as you could be very muscular and have no fat but be very heavy.

It's more important to be healthy than thin or a certain dress size. I'm sure if you spoke to many overweight women in their 50s one of their biggest regrets would be that when they were your age they thought they were fat and started dieting which resulted in a life time of getting heavier after each diet. Most of them would give anything now, to have just maintained their weight from their 20s as they now realise they were not fat then just a bit heavier than when they were at school or uni.

I wish you luck but do suggest you reassess whether you really need to lose weight or whether you would do better keeping it steady and keeping healthy.


Do a food journal for a week.

Count the calories in every single morsel that enters your mouth (its amazing the kind of amnesia that we sometimes have when it comes to what we ate during a typical day)

Do not rely on guestimates, actually weigh/measure your food.

Do not rely on the supermarket's own calorie value on packaging, they are notoriously inaccurate and could very well sabotage your effort.

Use this website I posted below, its the USDA site, and its the best there is.


Once you know how much you are eating, and how much you should be eating, its easier to then know what the reason is for the lack of progress with your weight loss effort.

All the best.



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