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Time for a change

Hello... Just starting the 12 week challenge. Still not lost the weight from having a baby, which was 20 months ago!! Struggling with weight watchers and slimming world as I can not make the meetings. So thought I would give this a go, willing to try anything right now! Got 4 stone to lose (I was not at an ideal weight before I got pregnant!) Its time for a BIG change!

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Hi Slinky! Good for you! Me, too! I'm starting the challenge today. We are at different ends of the age spectrum but I can relate to you. I was a bit overweight before we had our first baby (33 years ago), and I put on too much weight with the pregnancy. Then came the second pregnancy and it took me years to get back in shape...Weight Watchers, then a local NHS class run by an RN. Now the weight has piled back on and my cholesterol is in the danger zone. Time to get slimmed down and get fit again! Lest do this together!


Hi BonnieConnie! It feels a good time to get sorted, sounds like you ready too :) I have never actually counted calories before!! Always a points system with weight watchers, so it all feels new to me. although the principles are the same. (put down the biscuit tin!!) hahaha. Good luck this week :)


Hi bonnieconnie and slinky, this all sounds familiar. I had my kids in my late 30s and im now 61 , but I cant blame baby weight as I met a new partner 8 yrs ago who loves his food, and I have just been eating/drinking more than my post menopausal body needs!!! Started yesterday by buying new scales , bit of a shock , 24lbs to lose. I wish you both luck :)


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