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Anyone have weight loss surgery for pcos and endometriosis?

Hi Guys,

Ive been diagnosed with pcos and endometriosis and am at my worst weight ever, 300 lbs. It has become a serious issue for me and my health at this point. Unable to exercise properly due to severe pain but have been following a low glycemic diet for a few months now. I'm seriously considering weight loss surgery of any sort but was wondering if anyone in my shoes have experienced this similar issue and have done any weight loss surgery to help with the weight loss and if so, how has is it effected you and what was the outcome as far as the results?

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Sorry to hear about your problems. I had endometriosis several years ago, but not PCOS. Have you had any succes on the low GI diet? The other suggested diet is to reduce all carbs, and in the case of endo going gluten free can also help some people.

Weight loss surgery is a very big step. Good luck with finding what works for you.


Thank you for your response. My weight has really put pressure on my heart at the point. I am 300lbs 26yrs old. I've tried every diet out there possible, including all vitamins needed with metformin and low glycemic strict diet. exercising an hour a day 4 days a week. I've even tried something called D-Chiro for PCOS and it has helped many others I know but not much success with me at this point. I am considering WLS and have an appointment in two weeks from today. I am deciding between VSG (sleeve) or RYN (gastric bypass) but so afraid of VSG leakage issues and RYN Malabsorption.

I'm very terrified of all the complications that come with it but at this very point I'm at risk regardless of surgery or not. My health is at risk with this weight. Do you know anyone who may have done either or?

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I'm sorry but I don't know anyone who has had any of the operations you mention. It really is a difficult decision to have to make.

Have you considered (or tried) to cut out all the carbohydrates you can? It can have very good results. I found this thread on PCOS with a discussion on the success of very low carb diets.



Perhaps it would be worth discussing this with your doctor?

This is one science paper which talks about the diet.



Have you seen "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!" It is a film by an Australian called Joe Cross. You catch watch it via youtube. It is inspirational. Juicing to the extreme is not ideal or practical or financially viable for all, but it just shows what is possible. I have lost 16 lbs recently by juicing, big salads and nearly vegetarian foods. I juice in the morning and that replaces my breakfast. I can now go for 3 - 4 hours without feeling hungry, it is amazing, but took some weeks for me to recognise that.

Make a food diary, BE HONEST about what you are consuming, read, research. Cut out processed food as much as possible. Do what you can today and gradually work to improve and change little by little. Surgery is a drastic step, when what you want, can be achieved by eating a good healthy diet. Don't scrimp on food, but eat good nutritious big salads. Cut out dairy and meat as much as possible. You will not do it all straight away. If you don't achieve it all, there is always another day. But learn what chemicals go into to food, to make it so attractive and addictive. If you crave it, you possibly need to cut it out of your diet. Good luck Check out Dr Joel Fuhrman.


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