:( hate goggle

Right google told me that my height in feet is 5'8, and i knew my weight, so here is me thinking i'm coming out of obeisty, slimming down, being a healty teenager (I am 18) and today ihad my bmi checked i am obese caz my height is actualy 5'5 :( feel like im re starting!! My meal mate is realy confusing been onit since 2nd of april, I evan rewarded myself today :/ cant belive im restarting again :(


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  • Enter the 21st century and do it all in metric - in my experience it all feels much better!

    Are you getting weighed naked and at the same time every day?

  • Not naked no and not everyday once a week

  • If not naked, then make sure that you are wearing the same weight of clothing too. (Underwear is easy to do but if you are wearing indoor clothing there may be some variation from that.)

    It is also a good idea to weigh yourself at the same time of day (and it's good that you are doing a weekly weigh-in rather than checking every day.)

  • I weighed myself in just a top and under wear

  • Dont think of it as starting again just re-adjusting your goals. Dont know anything about meal mate but if it is working for you and your loosing weight stick with it. As for your rewarding yourself i presume with food everyone needs a treat at some point dont get caught up with that days intake look at weeks food intake to get better perspective x

  • :( cant belive it brought myself a scale ijust want to be healthy and I am ajusting settings todayyy on mmm

  • Despite having miscalculated because of the height not being exact, you have nevertheless indicated that there was an improvement. OK, it may not have been as much in terms of BMI reduction towards being close to the healthy range as you had thought but it had to have been an improvement if you can see your actual weight reducing.

    Well done for that, a treat was OK, keep going.

  • I brought my self a scale and have lost 4 stones since last year ijust want to be super healthy :(

  • If you've lost weight you needed to then you definitely don't need a :-( at the end of that sentence. And even if you are still technically 'overweight' by BMI if you are continuing to be active you are doing really important stuff towards your health.

  • Yeah thas so true i jus want to be healthy

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