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how much exercise should I be doing in a week if I eat 1286 calories a day?


I have changed my calorie amount from 2000 to 1286 but I'm not sure on how much exercise I should be doing in a week. I'm a size 14 now and I want to be a size 10 in 9 weeks, if this possible?

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The nhs website states that adults should exercise moderately (I.e. get out of breath) for a minimum of 150 mins a week. That works out at 30 mins, 5 days a week. They say that if you're loosing weight then you may need to do more.

if you don't do much exercise at the moment then I'd recommend trying to do at least 30 mins a day and work up from there, There are loads of free, equiptment free workouts on youtube if you don't fancy joining a gym or I can highly recommend swimming as it's an all over body workout.


agree with pinkymoo you should try doing 30 minutes of cardio exercise 5 days a week. This can be quite a task as you should also allow 5 minute warm up/stretch and and cool down.

When I'm short on time I do the 10min workout which consists of doing 12 body weight exercises for 30 sec with a 10 sec rest between each one. As you get fitter you do two reps. The idea is you work as hard as you can for each 30 sec stint.

Try these - star jumps - wall squat - push ups - sit ups - squats - step ups - bench dips - plank - knee high running - lunges - push up with side twist - side plank(both sides)

I got this and more from all free

Do make sure that if you exercise that you don't go into a calorie deficit, for instance if you are on 1286 a day and you do exercise that burns 500 cals you will then have effectively only got 786 calories for your body to work on, which is far too low. Eating your exercise calories means that you have toned your body with the exercise but kept to your calorie allowance (hope this makes sense?) If you continually do that your body will go into starvation mode and you won't lose weight. You don't say how tall you are or what your current weight is, so it may be that being a size 10 won't be attainable in 9 weeks, that's quite a short time to lose weight healthily.

You should have at LEAST 1500 cal a day, (thus loosing a sustainable 2 ib a week.) Any exercise cal burn you have ADDS to that total!

Your daily deficit from a 2000 cal diet should be 500 or LESS!

At a deficit of 700 or more (from a 2000 cal diet) you are actually doing long term damage to internal organs! That is a Starvation diet!

Fast weight loss is bad for you and not sustainable long term.

Though I appreciate that in our 'get it now' society its heard to have Patience with yourself.

Under eating / over exerciseing is as much a lack of self controle issue as the initial over eating / under exercising that caused the weight gain in the first place.

It's striking a proper balence that takes Real Discipline !

GoogleMeMaintainer in reply to RatLombot

Not everyone's normal intake should be 2000 - that tends to be a figure generalised across men, women and all builds.

MattyFTM in reply to GoogleMe

No, but around 1200 is very low, especially if you plan on exercising too. Only the shortest most petite people should be eating that little. If you've got a reasonable amount of weight to lose and are average height, your calorie target is going to be higher than 1200.

The key thing is to calculate your BMR and TDEE (if you just google TDEE it'll come up with a bunch of websites that will calculate it for you) and you need to eat a deficit from the TDEE, making sure you eat at least your BMR. If you are morbidly obese you can usually get away with eating less than your BMR, but even then you should check with a doctor first. It can be dangerous to eat that little for extended periods of time.

GoogleMeMaintainer in reply to MattyFTM

It was doing those sort of calculations that led to the conclusion that 1200 was the appropriate guideline for me - and I am taller the average woman and not a petite build. Note I say *guideline* rather than 'never eating more than'. Calorie databases are not that exact and my manageable exercise doesn't burn many calories (enough but it isn't all about calorie burning) and I am largely in bed otherwise

So true. On 1500 a day I gain weight. I have to keep at 1000 a day in order to lose. If I do a lot of exercise, I'll allow myself 1200 - but otherwise I just can't lose. I can't do strenuous exercise because I have CHD but I do about an hour at the gym and that burns 200-300 calories so then I can have 1250 cals.


Perhaps the question is "How much activity am I going to engage in - sustainably, affordably, enjoyably?"

I have lost 20kgs and I am still wearing the same clothes size.

To drop two dress sizes requires roughly 11kg of weight loss, depending on your height and build etc. To lose this much in 9 weeks will not be the healthiest of diets, but certainly possible if you are disciplined.

Assuming you are an average-sized woman, you'll burn around 2,000cal/day basic rate, so if you intake is 1,286 per day then that's a deficit of 714cal per day, which will result in typically 93g of weight loss each day. That's 5.8kg lost over the course of 9 weeks.

In order to lose the remaining 5.2kg (5.8+5.2=11kg) you will need to add some exercise to your regime. You need to do daily exercise that burns around 630cal, which is about an hour's swimming or jogging.

630cal of exercise plus your food intake deficit of 714cal equals a daily deficit of 1,344cal, which equates typically to a weight loss of 175g. That's 11kg over 9 weeks. Of course these calculations differ from person to person according to your metabolism and build (not to mention dedication and willpower) but if you stick to the regime, you should find you'll come in not far off the 11kg mark by the end.

I will reiterate, though, that a loss of 11kg in 9 weeks is a somewhat faster rate of weight loss than most doctors would suggest is completely healthy.

hudahu in reply to hudahu

My calculations do not, however, take into account weight gain due to muscle bulk. If you currently do no exercise and you start doing an hour of jogging or swimming every day, you will find that you will not lose as much as 11kg over the 9 weeks, because some of that lost weight will be replaced by muscles.

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