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Day 1 Week 1 7/4/14


I've just joined and want to loose this pesky weight I gained after 2 pregnancies and no time to know whether I'm coming or going.

35, 2 & half stone overweight and a severe lack of motivation to do anything for myself.

3 very active boys and a husband who has just quit smoking.

Is there a WLC Week 1 post started already?

I think I need a bit of friendly advise from time to time from people who are also starting a weight loss programme.


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Hi MrsB

Like you I have just signed up for the weight loss. Mine is not through pregnancy but illness but regardless of how we gained the weight it still needs to go. I find too many excuses for not doing what I should and need someone to jolly me along and help me keep on track. Hoping this will be a tool in that armoury.



I just joined myself and need help keeping motivated too.

Story: used to be normal, gained weight in adolescence, lost weight in university through eating disorder, gained it back when ed got 'better' and now I want to do it through a healthy lifestyle.

Hope we can be here for each other.

Thanks :)


Thanks guys for the reply, I totally need a kick up the bum my usual excuse is I'm tired which isn't entirely untrue, yes I run around after two 3 year olds and a 1 year old all day but I should really be doing some me time (more exercise) it's just so hard. I know I'm eating at silly times and also picking at things during the day. Been slowly reading through the 12 week plan and hopefully it will get my brain into some sort of action (as well as my bum)

It's nice to be able to have a chat about how it's all going on here.


I just downloaded the 'Couch to 5K' podcast and am starting tomorrow morning! I usually tell myself I'll do stuff another time/day/etc. but it's time I took control of my own life. I feel for you, I'm not a mum, but I was a nanny and I know it's hard to feel motivation when you're taking care of young children.

One healthy thing from today: after joining and replying here, got out of the house and went to the supermarket and got loads of good, healthy stuff. No more excuses!


Maybe try some yoga during nap time. Peace, quiet and good for toning your muscles!


I'm in a similar position. 2 pregnancies, weight to lose and no motivation, fairly similar age, if you'd like to buddy up with some one to kick mutual butt.

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I lost three stone in six months on the 5:2 Diet

and now my daughter is losing her 'baby weight' at a rate of half a stone a month and is thrilled to bits. I'd lost the weight I wanted to by April last year and have maintained my weight loss ever since by just 'fasting' one day a week and I also did the NHS Couch to 5K podcasts and still run three times a week for about 40 minutes. There's an excellent book called The 5:2 Diet by Kate Harrison and some excellent Facebook groups to give you motivation.

I've tried many many diets in my life but this is the first one where the weight lost has stayed off!


Guys, I just did the Couch to 5K run for the first time. If you are out of shape and need to start slowly, this program is very accessible. I also decided to start a fitness diary where I record my weight, my exercising and my eating. Hopefully, this combined with coming here will help me stay motivated!


Hi I lost 4pounds on 1st week then I went away for a week so I tried hard but decided not to weigh this week and I am repeating week two. I found support really helped, to read that others try and succeed really encouraged me. Good luck


I'm slowly learning the art of selfishness. Since having kids I've been using them as an excuse not to get up and do some exercise. I went to the gym yesterday evening when my husband got in from work and when I got home the kids were fine he managed fine without me there. Think I had a bit of a hurray moment lol.

Finding writing down everything I eat is really helping me. Anyone using an app for calorie counting?


Only using apps/calorie-counters as a guide as a single app doesn't have everything I need. So I write everything down in a small notebook.


Lost 3lbs and delighted. Writing everything down has really helped and counting up the calories I've only been having just over 1200 each day.

Loving Aquafit and starting Zumba tomorrow evening, hope everyone else is getting on ok.


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