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So get chomping away on all that fruit and veg!!

This is a fairly good little article - bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-268...

And it does help you realise (without getting into just TOO much detail / technobabble) that nutrition is quite a complex thing.

Which is why issues such as weight loss can't always be simply boiled down into one-liners or simple slogans.

Whatever approach you are taking to weight loss, and wether you're being successful with it or otherwise, remember it is important to ensure you are taking in the full range of nutrients. So do get in the fish and the green veg and the fruit - they really do make a difference.

Good luck with your weight loss journeys.

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Thank you. A very interesting article from Michael Mosley.


What a great link.

I'm really trying to boost my veggies and from reading this I thinking I'm doing a pretty good job. For lunch tomorrow I have a nice healthy salad that is all colours of the rainbow. I'm really looking forward to eating it!


I was treated to a soup maker as a birthday present. It is a very good way toget loads of veg I your diet even if you dondon't like them much. Don't forget to count the calories but they still make a nice rich soup that's low in calories and if you make it smooth it's a lot easier to get 5 portions in.

Using a 700g bag of sainsbury's finely diced mixed veg designed for bolognese or soup 2 stock cubes and a bit of Worcester sauce and a pinch of chilli flakes and a tin of chopped tomatoes makes 4 huge bowls of soup at 160 calories a bowl and 3 to 4 of your daily veg. At 6 good sized bowls of soup at about 110 calories this could be a snack or make a sandwich go a lot further at lunch time.

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Hi Gumpya,

But usually - not always - the fruit and veg aren't TOO high-calorie.

But, compared with other high-calorie foods, where they are, they contain much better other nutrition, so they aren't the "empty calories" that some things might be.


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