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Stuck at BMI 29

I was streadily losing weight from the end of December to mid-February, during which time I lost about a stone and went from BMI 32 down to BMI 29, or just under 15 stone to just under 14 stone. However since mid February I've been stuck at between 13 stone 10 pounds and 13 stone 12 pounds. Feel like I'm having a motivation problem and every now and then have reverted to having an evenings of scoffing multiple packs of crisps / jam donought while sitting on the sofa watching DVDs. I desparately need to get motivated again. My goal is to get below BMI 25.

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Are you using a tailored calorie plan or just the 1400 calorie plan? If you are using a personalised one thro the nhs bmi calculator or thro an app then maybe you need to adjust your settings. Make sure they are up to date and if the settings are then maybe you are aiming too low. If your app is set to 2lb a week then try 1lb a week and see if you can stick to a higher calorie allowance more easily. If you are doing the 1400 calorie plan then put your details into My Meal Mate and check what calorie allowance it recommends.

If the problem is not with the diet but with your thinking then you need to workout why you might not really want to lose that last bit of weight. Do you feel a bit scared of being too attractive or of being the same as everyone else, have you always seen yourself as a big girl? Sometimes our fat makes us feel safe and maybe you have things you have to think thro before you are free to lose the rest.

I wish you luck with resolving it.


Hi Anthony2014,

BEWARE - the mindless munching!

Do remember that you "eat with your eyes".

STOP what you are doing - bloggin on the laptop / watching the telly / whatever - and give your food your FULL attention. If you'll excuse the pun, "make a meal" out of eating.

That way, you will mentally 'register' your food better which helps to trigger the hormone response that makes you feel that you've eaten enough and are no longer hungry.

Another thing is to slow your eating down - or take a break between courses - so that it ends up with you taking longer to eat your meals / snacks. It takes about 20 minutes or so for you to mentally register that you're eating and for your endocrine system to react to that.

So, now's the time, from here and for the rest of your life, to banish chomping away on "automatic pilot" from your eating habits once and for all. Consigning that to the dustbin / Room 101 will serve you well for the rest of your life.

And there are lots of similar tricks. Don't put the "extra's" / seconds within sight or easy reach - leave them in the other room, so that you have to consciously get up to get some more. Otherwise, it's only TOO easy to wop on another helping of this or that.

Don't put out lots of different types of the same thing - it'll lead you to want to try each one.

And these things make a difference, because portion control is vital to weight maintenance.

Basically, a 45g bowl of cereal might contain, say 180 kcals, but a 120g bowl, or three bowls don't!

Same with potatoes, pasta and, indeed, most foods. And that 'extra' will create the need for your body to store it by becoming overweight.


Hi Anthony2014,

I think you've done really well to reduce your BMI down from 32 to 29, and just think about all the positive things you did to achieve that - and remind yourself of how much healthier you are now that you're weight is reducing.

Have you tried having an apple with a small spreading of peanut butter on it? It is really tasty and also very satisfying. I also imagine that munching on some carrot sticks or celery sticks would be quite good. Maybe you could stop buying anymore multipacks of crisps - if they're not in the house then they are not there to turn to on those occasions when you feel the urge to turn to them, and replace them with healthier snacks. Also trying to distract yourself from snacking by doing something that involves exercise - maybe going up and down the stairs a number of times and then making a cup of tea or glass of water, rather than reaching for a snack.

Putting some music on and dancing for a while - or going for a short walk round the block.

Keep going, and you will 'unstick' yourself from BMI 29 - and you'll be on your way to your goal BMI of 25 before you know it!

Lowcal :-)


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