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12-week plan

Just to say for those who may be just starting or are already in - keep going, it's really worth it. I completed my 12 weeks on Thursday and lost a total of 30 pounds! I wrote everything down I ate and did 40 minutes exercise (rowing/running) 6 days a week. I had a day off of the exercise when I felt I needed it. Try not to make it mundane and vary your meals. I used ready meals for my main dinners from all of the supermarkets depending on who had the best deals. This way I could keep a close eye on the calories. I have not finished my plan yet. I do not have a 'weight' goal in mind as I think I would have to have been dead 3 weeks in order to be what the experts claim I should be. I think I'll know when I'm there. Anyway, onwards and upwards - I'll let you know when I'm finished. Good Luck

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very nice post, thank you.


Thanks for the great post! Glad you found the 12 week plan worked for you, as I'm sure it has done for many people reading these pages. Well done for all your hard work.


Wow that's amazing! You've done incredibly well. Thanks for the inspiration!! Keep up the good work and keep posting.


Thank you so much for your inspirational post - it is really well timed! I'm just about to embark on Week 4 but I've hit a bit of a motivational blip.

I lost 4lb in the first two weeks, and then gained 2lb last week. The first 2 weeks I exercised 5 days each week - for between 45 and 60 minutes. This week, I suffered an MS relapse, which means that I need to be careful about my exercise while I adjust to my new symptoms, and I may have to go on steroids for a bit, which is never good for weight control. So I was feeling rather sorry for myself yesterday.

But seeing your post has re-invigorated me, and I know that I can do this. So thanks again!


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