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Hi everyone, I am on week 12, When I started I was weighing 6st 3lb. I am now weighing 13st 13lb, I have lost 2st 4lb so far. I still need to lose 3st 2lb to be on my bmi healthy weight. I have been very good so far, but somehow today I have been very bad, I had lots of junk food for my daughter 16th birthday. I hope to go back to healthy eating tomorrow.


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  • It is great news that you are sticking to your weight loss program and are also doing a great job of it.Bingeing on junk food for a day should not be much of a problem.Good you enjoyed your daughter's birthday and are ready to go back to your healthy eating from tomorrow.Here I would like to add a small piece,that like yourself,would it not be right for you to introduce your daughter to the benefits of eating the right kind of healthy food so that later in life she does not have to make a choice between junk food and healthy food to lose weight as she would already be eating the right kind of food and would be fit and healthy.

  • Hi Temmealexa, thanks for your advice, my daughter is on a healthy lifestyle too.

  • Hi Dick1970,

    Congratulations to your weight loss. I am impressed. This is my second day of my first week, what did you do to loose that weight?

  • Hi baerbel, thanks, I try to stay with my daily allowance of 1400kcal a day and go for a walk 3 to 5 days aweek, and give myself a treat once a week, but last week i went on a 5:2 diet and I lost 3lb, if you can, you can give it a go. Good luck.

  • Congratulations! I'm on Day 2 of Week 1. Thanks for the inspiration. X

  • Hi Healthy Newme, thanks and good luck with the program

  • I love the fact that on the 5:2 Diet it really doesn't matter if you have the odd day where you eat more than is normal. I always relax on Sundays and still lost the three stone I needed to. What I particularly like about it is that I've maintained my weight loss for nearly a year now, just 'fasting' one day a week.

  • Just draw a line under the bad day. Start again, reread all the literature that you read in the beginning, set yourself a small challenge & go for it. Food isn't like fags or booze where you can just stop - you have to learn to manage control which is the hardest thing ever. Chuck out the leftovers or give them away so you are not tempted & get back on the regime that has worked so well for you so far. Good luck

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  • Hi there,

    My goal weight is the same as yours - just over 10 stone. Like you, this will move my BMI from overweight to healthy. So you're not alone! I only started last week though, and so far I've been spending a lot of time learning some hard truths about portion sizes, and realising the pitfalls of work-related lunches. Well done so far and good luck with this next stage.

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  • Well done your hard work has paid off,I started on Monday and I have found it hard so you show me its can be done. Keep up good work.

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