#WLC Week 12 - Monday weigh-in

Congratulations everyone on reaching Week 12. Over these past three months you’ve worked hard to adopt new healthier habits. As you’ll have discovered, old habits are hard to break. Whether you’ve reached your target weight or

want to keep going, this week you have something to celebrate.

Use this blog to share:

-your up-to-date weight status

-any weight loss achievements

-stories of resilience and self-determination

-any food and/or activity slip ups

-your goals for the coming weeks

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15 Replies

  • I'm here, after 12 weeks I have just put on 200g after loosing 800g last week. What was the difference? Don't know, but I did go to a party on Saturday and didn't go to the gym!!

    So, Overall I have lost 4 Kg, which I am really pleased with - taking it slowly has become a lifestyle instead of a diet. Really pleased with health unlocked as a portal to recording my weight loss and holding me responsible. Thank you.

    My goals for the coming weeks? To continue the way I've been doing - I've already reprinted week 12 of the NHS choices sheet! And for anyone on antipsychotics, it is possible to lose weight whilst taking them, just takes a wee bit longer!

  • Just to update you all. I think that Monday was a blip, as now I'm 77.2 Kg and have lost 4.8 Kg! Isn't it annoying when you weigh yourself on a blip day!!

  • Well done mld78. The Weight loss plan is designed to help you develop habits for life. Changing habits of a lifetime is never easy so there's a lot to be gained from going through the plan again. Good luck!

  • R we starting again I want to join again plz I lost 7 kg

  • Are we starting new 12 week goal from April first please tell me I want to continew .i lost 7 kg in 12 weeks

  • Hi Uzma111, congratulations on your weightloss. I would also like to start again - perhaps we should all continue checking in even if there isn't a new 'official' plan starting?

  • Hello Uzma111. I want to join the programme tomorrow and am also wondering how to join the week 1 weigh in. Can anyone help? Thanks

  • Lost 2lbs this week, woohoo! :-) In fact, when I weighed in on Sunday my weight hadn't changed since last Monday. Did a 10K run yesterday (more than my regular distance), but had very late evening meal. Expected to see my weight had increased but delighted to see it had gone the right way instead. Just 1lb to go and I will 'only' be overweight. ;-)

    Looking back to my #WLC Week 1 post, it seems I have lost 8lbs over these 12 weeks. Not quite as much as I'd hoped, but I've also been learning to live with diverticular disease and trying to maintain a regular running habit. Exercise is definitely the key to me reaching my weight loss target. Time to see how far I can go in the next 12 weeks. Well done everyone and good luck for your future goals. :-)

  • Well done legion - it may not be as much as you'd hoped, but 8lbs is a good loss. You've managed a steady weightloss despite having to adjust to the diverticular disease and in my mind that's a great achievement. Only 1lb to go before the magic 'overweight' so you will be celebrating that very soon I'm sure. Good luck with your new goals.

  • Over the last 12 weeks I have lost 7 kilos and 5 inches off my waist. Missed my target by 1.5 kilo so I shall be continuing and setting new goals - I would love eventually to get to the healthy weight bracket, but there's still a stone or so to go for that - I have found it really helpful to be checking in here - thanks for the support and congratulations to all on your achievements.

  • Well done Jellymum and thanks for your message. :-) I haven't measured myself in ages, but my belt does up a couple of notches more than it used to. ;-) Good luck with your continuing weight loss and good health. :-)

  • Please tell me how you lost. 7 inches from your waist I lost 7 kg but 1 inch from my waist

  • Hi Uzma111 - I think the inch-loss has mostly been due to running. Last year I started the Couch to 5K programme and very quickly I noticed a change in body shape. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone. Congratulations on your weight loss.

  • Thank you jelly mom can I get 5 k on I phone?

  • Lost another kg. These 12 weeks see me 13 kgs/almost 2 st lighter, lightyears fitter and with old habits broken. I need to have a wee break now and come back to Week 1 to smash the remaining lard. Thanks to you all for your support. Maybe I'll "meet" some of you again in another week. Those of you who have reached target, bloody well done! Happy spring and keep on trucking y'all. :-)

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