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Miscarriage or no? I need help

Fan question; So a few weeks ago I found out I was pregnant. Well just yesterday I sadly found out that the baby was never forming or growing. So my Doctor wants me to take a medication to help start the process of passing everything. Even though I wasn't far this is still really hard because me and my so really wanted this baby. Has this ever happened to any of you ladies, and How soon after did you start ttc again, was it hard to? Should I take the medication or no? The Doctor said my hgc levels within in a week went from 735 to 729 an ultrasound showed only a sack and no fetus at all, according to my Doctor. Thoughts?

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Hi Ksophia

Sorry to hear about your problem. There is another site which may be more appropriate for your question. healthunlocked.com/nct


That happened to my daughter and is quite common. There is no baby. But she then went on to be pregnant a few months later and now has two lovely little boys.


I had 5 miscarriages but went on to have 3 healthy babies. Take the medication if your doc tells you to because if you got an infection it would lessen your chances of conception later. It's sad but our mothers generation would have had just as many things like this happen they just didn't know as early as we do that they were pregnant and often nature took its course before they knew what was happening. After its all over the traditional advice was that you should wait as long as the unsuccessful pregnancy lasted for before getting pregnant again. So if the unsuccessful one lasted 3 months then you should wait 3 months. While waiting take your folic acid tablets and eat a healthy diet to get your body as good as it can be for the next baby. Good luck


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