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Has anyone had help from a psychiatrist about their weight and does it help and what help do they offer?

My doctor thinks I have an eating disorder where I eat too much, so he's getting into contact with my psychiatrist about helping me to lose weight. I have doubts this will help. Has anyone received help from a psychiatrist and has it worked for them? I have also been using the change 4 life website and am really looking forward to trying their recipes once I can print them out. I also am going to try the running podcasts from the NHS website.

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Hi Lily1flower,

I'm guessing here, but as you say "my psychiatrist", I'm kind of presuming you are already under a psychiatrist.

If that's the case, then - as with any other issue - if you have an underlying medical condition, it is best to discuss your weight loss issues with your medical practitioner to establish how your weight loss efforts might impact upon your medical condition (and any medications) and vice versa.

Certainly if it turns out that you do have a significant eating disorder, being under the care of a psychiatrist would be very helpful to you.


I am trying to stick to a generic response here as I do not wish to pry or to presume anything.I do feel for you I have been in a similar if unrelated quandry over "will it work" when it comes to psychiatric help...

To be encouraging I have seen a lot of people successfully helped with eating disorders.

As with most mental health or indeed physical health issues it is quite dependent on the "effort" that you put in as much as the advice and guidance that the clinicians gives. I would hope that if it is necessary that you get referred on to a specialist eating disorder service as they will be more effective.

Good luck and I hope that things work out for you.



It was mine that caused my weight gain in the beginning the majority of anti psychotics can and does cause weight gain heck I have gone from my humble 60 kilos to 80 kilos in over a year


hi not sure this will help i hope so. i went to see a pycologist for depression, temper weight ect as it was all tied into one. i cannot say hay it lost me weight but it gave me some tools so that when i was in the place so to speak i could work things out a bit better for myself. i also tried hypnotherapy and again though this helped with other issues that had help cause the gain my habits were formed. this is what i am trying to work on breaking habits one at a time. if you fancy a buddy i will happily do this. xx


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