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Weight loss stopped any suggestions?

I have lost almost a stone over about 3 months but for the last 3 weeks my weight has stayed the same, to the ounce. I weigh myself everyday and it doesn't change (obsessive I know). It's not the scales as the scales at the gym give the same results.

I have been using the my fitness pal app, eating1200 calories a day max and go to the gym regularly. Does anyone have any suggestions to kick start the weight loss again or know why I might have stopped losing? I'm starting to lose motivation!

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Try increasing your intake for a week each month, not sufficient to gain weight, enough to reassure your metabolism's homeostasis that you aren't starving.

When you resume attempting to lose weight, ensure you minimise any foods that cause excessive insulin release.

Adjust for any weight-loss you have achieved. You may need less energy because you are carrying less weight around all day. If you lose muscle, you may need less protein too.


Up your water intake and change your exercise


I'd alter your gym routine. small changes in routine may help - e,g, do your gym routine back to front. or. speak to a trainer at the gym - it may be that your body is use to your routine, and a change of intensity (lower as well as higher) may help trigger the weight loss again.


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