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Hi. I'm new to the forum and have been advised to lose weight to avoid potential health problems. I'm 57, female and love all the wrong foods but that has to change. I've tried all the usual slimming clubs in the past and have now come across NHS Choices which has loads of really good information so I've nothing to lose - except the weight! Wish me luck.


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  • Hi Greece72, welcome to the forum! I love it when new people join and bring with them loads of enthusiasm, thanks for helping me remember that excitement! It sounds like you're a woman with a plan and loads of motivation so good luck with your weight loss!! Please keep posting, everyone is really nice whether you lose weigh, stay the same or put some on. The forum has helped me so far. :o)

  • I to have just joined, this sounds positive , I am really going to give it a try. thanks for you enthusiasm.

  • Welcome Peacerose! It might also spur you on to know there is a Monday weight in post that Lowcal starts. I find it helpful to think of that when I want to eat too much bad stuff. It's given me a really good feeling to be able to say I've lost weight so if it'd help you be sure to find the post on Monday and add your comments! :o)

  • Thanks now going to look where Monday weigh post is!

  • Good luck, I'm on week 10 of the 12 choice. It's quite a chore counting calories at first, but you eventually get into the routine. I've managed to shift just under a stone, which isn't bad considering that I can't exercise properly yet due to a foot injury. Good Luck! x

  • Thanks for replies. I've just been browsing the site and feel full of determination. Plus I don't want to go on blood pressure medication or develop Type 2 Diabetes which will be my fate if I carry on the way I am. I'm downloading the twelve week plan and dusting off the treadmill - it has clothes hanging on it at the moment! Tomorrow is the first day of my healthy eating as I need to shop first.

  • Could I ask if you find the treadmill helps you to lose weight? I walk quite a bit but am looking for exercises or some such that I can do at home too. Joining a gym or going zumbe(?) dancing is just not something that I could do - far too public. I am just a year older than you (2 years older come next Tuesday!) and also love all the wrong foods, especially anything sweet, and know that I have just been eating far too much of it.

  • I am on week 8 of c25k on the website. At 59 I am not the oldest on the forum to take up running. I do most of mine outdoors but some do it on treadmill. Not only does it help with weight loss but has great effect on shape for the better.

  • Thank you very much that is really most helpful.

  • I certainly wish you luck I am going to try to.

    Good eating here we come

  • Good luck - new today aswell - we can do this :-)

  • Hi, I'm new to this forum. According to the calculation on NHS Choices I need to lose around 3 st 10lbs, although I'd be happy losing a couple of stones to be honest. My other health conditions have all become a lot worse since my weight gain, but I'm on several drugs that all have weight gain as a side effect, so losing isn't as easy as it used to be.

  • Hi

    I can sympathise with you, I have other health conditions take medication, and unable to exercise like I wish. But I need to loose weight to help my health conditions. so here I go, good luck. Any thing must help even if its going to be slow.

  • Welcome and good luck.

    i've being following the nhs website's advice and calorie counting and I've lost just over 2st now (since 2nd jan).

    I really do think it relies on you making small but manageable changes and sticking to them. I've stopped trying to think of it as a diet as it's not, it's a way of life. You can't get into a load of good habits to loose the weight and then stop them once you've lost it otherwise you just end up putting it all back on again. It doesn't mean you can't have treats now and then or have to stop eating all the things you like. You just have to have them in moderation.

  • Thanks, you have done well, and sound so positive.

  • Thanks i feel positive. Really positive. I feel like a new woman.

  • I'm 61 and not running yet but power walking for 60 minutes 3/4 times weekly. I had my gall bladder out when I was 29 but have suffered with cholesterol build up since and had 3 stones removed from my common bile duct 2 years ago. Felt so unwell from October last year - always had digestive problems/IBS and 4 stone over weight - always dieting - losing and putting it back again plus more! Had a heart scan and I have plaque in the main artery so that was a shock wake up call. I use Fitness Pal to record my eating and activity - it's a free app and brilliant. I've list 23lbs up until the last Friday of February (weigh myself the last Friday if each month) and feel amazing. Kicked as much sugar from my diet although haven't had in tea or coffee or on cereal for years. No processed food or pastry biscuits cake. No white bread or flour or pasta. Lots of veg salad fish avocado chicken occasionally. Full fat Greek yogurt. Eggs and cheese occasionally - walnuts and almonds to snack on. I've turned my life around and it's not a diet it's a life change!!

  • Fantastic, I hope I can do this to!

  • I lost three stone on the 5:2 Diet which is so brilliant for your health - the original BBC Horizon programme "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" is still available to watch and it honestly did change my life. I used to be a size 16 but now I'm a size 10 and have kept the weight off easily since last April. No slimming clubs, no special 'diet' foods - my only outlay has been for my smaller clothes. My daughter is now doing it to shift her baby weight and is losing half a stone a month and is absolutely thrilled.

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