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Day 1 of the 12 week plan

Hi everyone I'm new to the group this is my first post

I will be starting the 12 week plan today ,, a little excited but also scared , got my self into bit of a rut so hoping this we give me the boost I need.

In the lost 2 stone in 2 years by changing eating habits and cycling , but now all I seem to do is lose a couple of pounds than gain them back and a little more

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Good luck. Perhaps focussing on what you are actually eating will help. It certainly did me. I found planning meals, not getting too hungry, smaller plates and weighing things helps. I also have a protein based breakfast to ge me thriough the morning. For a change of exercise perhaps try the C25k.



I have started the 12 week plan today too. I need to lose a stone but I also seem to lose a few pounds and then put a few on. Had lost half a stone but weighed myself this morning and have put 3 lbs on so here I am! Hoping this plan will get me to my goal of one stone.

Good luck


Hi Doll.

It sounds to me that you are eating healthy and that you might have similar problem as I do. I need some boundaries and limits and if I don't have them I start to gain weight even if my diet is healthy. So I think that 12 week plan might be a perfect for you. Just stick to it and in 7 days or so you will see the results (don't forget 150 minutes of exercises a week)

Good luck and let us know how are you doing...

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Good luck, I am two weeks in. I still feel like a newbie, as this is a complete lifestyle change.


Ask yourself why? Portion sizes can easily creep up, and remember to drink enough, I find a great herbal tea helps at times.

I always buy cheese, crisps and choc in portion packs, helps mentally, I also buy small wholemeal rolls for lunch, it just for me makes life easier, and I try to plan my main meals too


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