Working late evenings tips?

Hello! I have started to work very late one or two nights a week to ensure I do not have to work at the weekend. The benefits for me at the weekend are huge. However to get me through to midnight when flagging I have found myself reaching for the rubbish for a quick energy burst. Anyone have any top tips on food and drink to avoid these pitfalls. Am thinking about swigging water with each 'crave', has anyone tried this or others? Thanks!


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  • Drinking water will help but can you factor some healthy snacks into your daily calorie allowance? I find things like hummus & celery or crispbread & Quark very good and easy when you are on the go.

    Other ideas here

  • Hi, I work nights and I usually have cup a soup with a slice of wholemeal brown bread (whole grains help to keep you fuller forlonger) and some fruit or celery sticks with low fat cream well for me I space my snacks out so im having one at least every 4 hrs and it keeps me going

  • Before I started this though I used to snack on biscuits, rice puddings sandwhiches, cereal and chocolate! No wonder I was putting weight on!

  • I have done nights and just spaced out my meals as to the hours I worked , ten hours in my case.

  • Take in healthy snacks, nuts, seeds, small amount of portioned chocolate, be prepared, as having done and still do shifts the only way is be prepared.

  • I also work two evenings a wk. I always pack water, an apple and a packet of Nairns oatys (100cals a bag). I actually rarely eat it all but I feel safe knowing it's there if I need it. It also prevents me from stopping at the tuck shop. All the best with your weight loss journey.

  • Thank you everyone for your tips. I am going take all these on board and plan then pack my own healthy little tuck shop! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience and ideas.

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