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how much cardio do I need to do a week?

I eat pretty well, approximately 1200 calories a day without meaning to..drink a good amount of water and consume all of the 'musts', tried cutting carbs but it turned me into a spotty tired airhead. I know that 30 out of breath minutes a day is good (which I always do anyway, walking to work..) and I've just been reading on some website that you should be doing 10 hours a week! what is right? There is so much info!

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Look under nhs guidelines for physical activity for adults..it depends how old you are as to how long and what intensity you should be exercising at. Its a good page to read and gives some good examples of what kinds of exersise to do


I believe it says 150 minutes of cardio a week is what you should aim for. Which would be 5 x 30 minute cardio sessions or 3 x 50 minutes etc...take a look on the website to get more info. Good luck! :-D


Hej Monafrost! Me again. Have you downloaded the 12 week weight loss plan/guide? Under week 2 on the 2nd page it talks about exercise and states that "your target is 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week." To read the whole thing you can download the PDF from nhs.uk/LiveWell/weight-loss... Good luck! :-D


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