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I live in London (Islington and work near Farringdon) and want to lose 3 stone. I was wondering if anyone around here was interested in some mutual support, a bit more than notice boards.. Perhaps emails, etc.. I find it difficult to log into this site on my phone and it would be nice to go on this journey with someone or a small group of people.

I am also trying to find a gym buddy, but I guess thats more difficult and this is probably not the right place. In any case, if you want to embark on this weight loss adventure, let me know...!

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  • Hi Neptune,

    I can't offer you the type of support you're looking for - as I don't really have time to E-mail outside of this site, but I hope you find some people who can.

    The other option might be to see if you can get better access to this site? I know you struggle with accessing the site on your phone, but maybe you could access it from another access point? If you don't have a computer, then libraries do provide free internet access, and it could be that you could pop in during your lunch break or another time? There are so many different threads on this site that are informative and supportive.

    Anyway, I would like to wish you every success with your weight-loss journey, and hope you are able to find the support and help to enable you to achieve it.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Neptune,

    im too looking for support or a gym buddy I also live in Islington. At the moment what is your regime?. Mine is trying to go to exercise classes and stay off the sugar. Im looking to lose around 10kg.

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