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#WLC Week 9

Hi Everyone, I weigh in yesterday. I lost about 2 ozs during the week. My weigh is still 147 lbs. I'm not disappointed. I continue with my eating and exercise program.

I want to share some other news with you, my husband agreed to have light meals in the evening. A small amount of carbohydrates, protein and salad. I hope this wish can be converted into a habit. I'll let you know in six week. Stay focus everyone.

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Great!!! you are happy with whatever weight you are losing.I think that is the right spirit,that is to see the positive side of all your actions.A positive mind does help a lot.Keep up the good work,eat healthy and exercise and you will be fit and fine.Glad that your husband is also trying to follow.He too will continue with the habit once he starts to see the positive effects of eating less in the evenings.


Hi Hhphillips,

Congratulations on your weight loss, it's great to have a steady loss in the right direction. I went in the wrong direction this week, but I am hoping to lose the gain next week. I know why I gained and I know how to put it right, so that's good!

Great news that your husband has committed to eating lighter meals in the evenings - that should have a beneficial and supportive effect.

Hope you have another good week.

Lowcal :-)


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