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Okay so I've made this rule that while I'm slimming down I'll only buy essential clothing which is mostly work stuff as I can cope with slobbing at home in baggier clothing.

Problem is this now means I only have one pair of work trousers that fit (don't really do skirts as it shows of my tree trunk legs). I went to sainsburys today to buy a belt as my current pair that fit are now a little looser. I tried another pair of trousers on while I was there. They're the same size but are snugger fitting.

My dilemma is this: Do I spend another £30 on this new pair I tried on, which are the same size, and risk the fact that they might get loose quite soon (and they don't have belt loops) or do I soldier on with my current pair and get a size smaller pair as soons as I can squeeze into them. I don't want to waste money if I can help it.


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12 Replies

  • If you have the time, try having a look in your local Oxfam, they have a scheme where people bring in M&S clothes in return for a voucher. You can sometimes pick up bargains if you don't mind "pre-owned".

  • Sounds like you need to buy another pair of trousers, one pair that fit is not really enough I think. Don't worry too much about the label size - if they fit reasonably snugly now, then you should be able to wear the new pair for a few weeks at least. Clothes can differ a lot in fit while still being the same apparent size.

    As I lost weight I've tried to buy from TKMax or sales to limit the cost. Noramlly I'd wear something until it falls apart, but I've bought many items of clothing over the last year that had to be donated once I got too small to wear them. It is quite hard, partly because I hate getting rid of my favourite clothes (even worse if I know they were expensive like a party dress). But there is nothing you can do about it, I just set aside some money to go out and get a few new items every couple of months. And I enjoy having a better range of clothes to pick from each time I shop :)

  • I am wearing belts with all my trousers and holding off buying new until I am at my target weight. Fortunately I have hoarded stuff that I outgrew so still have some choice. Also plan to get expensive stuff altered later. I think thats the least of our worries though and isn't it great to find your clothes have outgrown you :-))

  • I would try and buy something new, I don't own many pairs of trousers since they are so difficult to fit and show up if they don't fit properly, go and experiment in shops that have fitting rooms, Asda is a bit cheaper especially for stop gap outfits, and they have a sale on every few weeks. I know you say you didn't like skirts or dresses, but try them with your emerging shape and some opaque tights you might find yourself pleasantly surprised, good luck!

  • If you have a sewing machine why not alter your trousers . I have often taken in trousers on the outside leg seam quite easily ( and also taken them out again lol!) Sandra

  • When I was losing weight I ran elastic through the waistband of my trousers which helped them last a bit longer until they looked silly on the legs. My biggest tip is to search eBay for your trousers. I have long legs so I type in the search bar, say "M&S trousers size 10 long" and choose from the results. I rarely pay much more than £10 for new trousers and jeans or less for nearly new and I've never been disappointed.

  • I agree - charity shops, ebay, Primark, supermarkets.....anywhere that sells cheap clothing. If you're still losing it isn't going to fit for long so why pay a lot for it. I have donated sackfuls of clothes to charity shops in the last year - 4 stones gone, 1 more to go - and have had some good 'labels' for next to nothing from them to tide me over. £5 for a pair of Zara trousers and another £5 for a good as new Klass leather jacket can't be bad.

  • Thanks everyone. I bought a pair in asda today for £6.

    I do have a sewing machine but I don't really use it much. I am planning on altering some hut I don't trust my sewing skills enough to test it on the trousers I'm currently wearing!

  • Thanks for this, the advice on here has helped me too as im having the same problem...everything is starting to look like a tent!

  • Wearing tents really will not help your confidence! Celebrate your sucess Wearing smaller stuff made me realise how good I look and gave me the motivation to carry on. I have bought 3 new dresses from asda this week in the sale £12.50 the set! Have a look at this post

  • I went out and bought another pair of joggers today as I only seem to have 3 of those that fit now too. I was extremely excited because although I still seem to be a 20 in work trousers I can now fit into a 16 in lycra based products (without looking like a sack of potatoes). I put on my size 16 top I bought the other day, which is fitted.

    OMG I look like a different woman. I have curves in all the right places, less bulge. Prin is right about the confidence thing. My older baggier clothes hide my new figure. Shame I have to still wear some of them as I can't afford and won't totally renew my wardrobe until I'm the size I'm supposed to be.

  • Its a great confidence boost to change shape andan incentive to carry on. Well done

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