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A Surprising Start :-)

Just finished the first week of the 12 week Plan and have lost 4.5 lb. I used the Meal Mixer app and planned the whole weeks meals in advance - breakfast, lunch and dinner - so the whole family could benefit. My husband lost 2 lb. I can't believe it!!! Starting to do some actual exercise for week 2 is making me nervous, I'm extremely unfit... And look funny when I run. I want to try the Couch to 5K but I don't particularly want to run in front of people. No-one, including me, wants to see my big bottom running down the street. Any ideas would be welcome. I don't have a bucket load of money to spend on a running machine and my neighbours would think it odd if they saw me running in circles around my garden. :-)

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Well done on a good first week.

If you fancy getting out and running, I would just go for it. With the lovely spring weather it is really nice time to start and you will probably be suprised at the range of shapes of your fellow runners. You don't need to wait until you are "fit" to start. I started running last June with Couch to 5k and at the time I think I was only just below the obese BMI range and at the time I found it a challenge to run for more than a couple of minutes at a time. Just make sure you have a good sports bra, I bought one labelled as having "vary firm support" from M&S :)

I can understand though if you want to raise your confidence a bit before heading out. (It took me 6 months to finally make that step out the front door). Before then I relied on Wii fit and another couple of fitness games for the Wii, which I bought second hand for about £10 each. I haven't used it myself, but I think Youtube is a good source of work out videos and is totally free.


Hi Kingprawn,

I agree with what Albionjen said - just go out and enjoy running - you will reap the rewards and hopefully enjoy it. I think your confidence will grow once you get used to it.

Also, why not tell your neighbours you're doing a healthy fitness regime and then they won't be surprised if you decide to do some kind of circuit in your back garden!

Whatever you decide to do, have a good time doing it, and hope you have a good week.

Lowcal :-)


Hi kingprawn,

Without wishing to rain on your parade, many people lose weight faster than the suggested 1 to 2 lb a week in the first week or two. It's due to fluid loss. Normally, it evens out quite soon afterwards, which is one of the reasons - along with the general 'ups' and 'downs' of the journey, that I emphasise so often that the 1 to 2 lb a week (or a max of 1 kg a week - 2.2 lb) is an average figure.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


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