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Addicted to SUGAR!!!!


I know I sound a bit dramatic by saying this, but I geniuinely believe I am addicted to sugar?! Had such a bad week this week due to the fact that when I eat one sugary treat, I can't stop. I must point out I don't usually consume sugary 'treats', but do consume it through many other ways like fruit. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can stop this addiction?!

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Hope this doesn't sound off-the-wall but ( love it or hate it ) Marmite might work! Just reach for a cream cracker and marmite instead of anything sweet or fruity. You need a strong taste and savoury is better than sweet. Good luck!

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All carbohydrates, including cream crackers, are sugar to your body.


Eat foods that satisfy your appetite and don't raise your insulin levels. Avoid fructose which stimulates your appetite, thickens your blood, and contributes to fatty deposits in excess.

Avoid high-glycaemic foods.

Artificial sweeteners may also trigger a sweet tooth.

I have BIG problem to,when i get home i eat my dinner or no, and then i eat sugary stuff eat eat eat like stupid till i feel sick, dont know how to help my self,getting bigger and bigger:(

I suspect its like most 'addictions' you just have to want to give up and probably avoid it in all forms of sweetness for a while. I hear what concerned is saying but might be easier to ditch sugar if you substitute savoury for a while. Good luck

Thank you for all your advice. I'm going to try and go cold turkey for a few days, and then gradually introduce natural sugars from fruit. Fingers crossed this will help to curb my cravings! Oh and I love marmite, so that sounds like a good option for me!! :)

Find out how to cut down on sugar in your diet:

You said that you are getting sugar from fruits - but isn't that much better than the granular white sugar?

I always liked to eat chocolate and related treats, but one day just decided to stop... I might eat that sometimes but definitely not going on and on with it... I take a piece and keep rest of the box out of sight.. Before that I stopped taking sugar in tea/coffee. Rather now I like it without sugar..

Its hard but slowly slowly cutting down one thing at a time worked for me...

And yes, I have stopping storing sugary snacks at home - I don't buy them for me anymore but just few for my kids...

It can be tough to cut out sugar if you are on a diet, too. It took me several goes to finally beat my cravings. I went cold turkey, and stopped even drinking ordinary tea for a while. It took more than a few days to curb the cravings.

As Spadhnik said, it's the added sugar that's bad for you and not the fruit (unless you are eating a very large amount?). Good idea to cut out all "white" foods as well. I can't eat marmite so went for nuts instead.

I've decided to give up 'recreational sugar' for lent. Even being a Christian, I don't believe in lent. It just seems to be a time in the year when I can give something up and no-one questions it. The first dayI had to count it through in 3 hour intervals just to get through. I survived each one and could tick it off. I lost 2 pounds in a week. That was all I changed. I can't fill the day with enough calories. I'd say I have a pretty serious addiction too.Recreational sugar is anything outside fruit veg milk pasta etc that's just not necessary.I do t drink hot chocolates or jam etc butI will have ketchup.there's no point cutting out sugar that's good for you. This is an addicts way of defining - I can give this up forever,without giving up food generally. i hope this helps.

It is indeed an addiction, but don't feel worry. You just need to manage your addiction better. Try and go for six tablespoons of sugar a day (new WHO guidelines). Any easy way to do this is to find the amount of sugar in a product and divide it by four. It is difficult; but this helped me - as it didn't get sugar completely out of my diet but it helped me reduce it. Try to reduce it through manageable steps though!

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