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week 7 weight loss only 200g this week

starting at week 1 90.8 and bmi 29.5 now 85.4 bmi 27.9 lost only 200g this week went out for a chinese with a large group.crazy really o well. will be back on track next week. i found out that 70% of weight loss is connected to correct low caolorie diet and only 30% excercise. did not realise this. i am still not getting enough walking etc in. but keeping on top of calories and 5 a day ect.

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Hi Chocolatesoldier,

Well done for losing 200g this week - it's a loss and that's positive! I've not had a very good week this week, as I've had a few meals out and gained 3 pounds, but I'm hoping to get back on track next week. You did well to survive your Chinese meal and still lose weight.

I think that walking is excellent exercise. I really enjoy it. Hope you are able to do more walks this week, and keep to your goals.

Have a good week.

Lowcal :-)


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