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Woohoo!!! :-)

Second week in and I've lost another 2lbs! That's 5lbs in 2 weeks :-) I'm a very happy lady right now as I don't feel like I'm being deprived of anything and it's working! Still struggling to fit in exercise but I need to stop making excuses! Especially now the sun has started to make an appearance (fingers crossed)! I was a bit naughty this week so didn't expect to lose, but always made up for my naughty blips the next day and was extra good to compensate! How is everyone else doing?! X

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Hi Michwat,

Well done on your weight loss, that's really great progress. Great to hear that you don't feel deprived and that it's working. I agree, it's great to see more of the sun, and gives much greater opportunities to get out and about and exercise more.

I've lost 0.4 pound this week, so pleased with that loss. Small but steady! I'm relieved not to have gained, as I ate out a couple of times and wasn't sure how I would do.

Have a good week.

Lowcal :-)


That's great lowcal, at least it was a loss and not a put on! It reassuring to know that we can eat out and have 'naughty but nice' treats and still lose weight! Slow and steady is the best way to go! Whenever I diet I always seem to do well the first two weeks, then slow down, so fingers crossed for week 3! :-) good luck for this week xx


Thanks Michwat, You too :-)


Hi, well done losing 2lbs...I put on 1.5lbs when I weight myself on monday...I had a bad week...so back on track again for this week...must stay away from fast food..I exercise first thing in the morning otherwise I feel I dont have time and its out the way, to get on with the rest of my day..have a good week..


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