Another 2lbs loss wahoooo!

Well today marked the end of week 7 of my weightloss regime and I've lost another 2lbs. Putting my total loss at 1st 11lbs.

This loss is particularly welcome after my wobble last weekend. Since then I've learned I still need to change my thinking. Loosing x amount of weight doesn't mean you can celebrate by gorging yourself!

I've also had a pretty tough end to the week as my husband's grandmother was rushed into hospital with severe viral chest infection. She's 104 so it's a bit touch and go at the minute.

Despite this I've still remained on the wagon. I dug some old clothes out the wardrobe today that i haven't worn since uni 6 years ago. when i wore them at uni they were snug. They're now loose!


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9 Replies

  • Great stuff. Its amazing having loose clothes isn't it.

  • Well done,you have done so well. I have 12 weeks to lose 2 stone, what diet are you on?

  • I'm doing the nhs 12 week weight loss plan and using my fitness pal to calorie count.

  • Yay!!! Well done dear. I hope and pray your grandmother-inlaw gets better quickly. I've just been weighed and I've lost another 3lbs, which makes 10lbs in 6 weeks :) May I recommend that you change the style of your celebrations so that they don't include food+drink? I have made my celebrations into different pamper sessions, for example, week one I treated myself to a professional manicure, week six I treated myself to a back massage. I hope this example helps and I look forward to hearing about your progress soon :D

  • I try not to celebrate with food last week was the slip up and it was largely due to the fact that I was out with family who are all larger than me and also supposedly on diets but were eating like they weren't. I forgot my self control.. When I'm just with my husband I can keep myself in check. I think I've learned that lesson now the hard way!

  • Don't be too hard on yourself. You've identified the cause of your slip-up, so now all you need to do is put steps in place to ensure that when you are in such a position again you can confidently handle it. Keep me posted :)

  • Hi, well done for the great weight loss , can I just ask , have you been sticking to the 1400 calories a day ? I have only lost 7lb since Xmas I might have been eating more calories , I am counting everything I eat this week and writing it down .

  • I have most days but sometimes ive been below but I've not felt hungry. I've also been slightly over a few days too. I think it's done me good to fluctuate a little. Its kept it on it's toes.

    Have you tried the my fitness pal website/ mobile app? It's really easy to log the food your eating and helps you keep track of the calories you've consumed. Your counting could be off. It's easy to do I've done it myself.

    Also it depends on your start weigh the less you way the harder it is to loose. I weighed over 16st when I started.

  • Is it not a good feeling for you,that you can fit into your old clothes.You have put in a lot of effort to attain this weight and now you will have to put in that extra effort to maintain it.The task is not a very difficult to attain and you will be able to do so if you are a little careful with your diet that is to eat a balanced diet along with a a strict exercise regime.This will put you on the track to having a great body and a healthy life.

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