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C25K app not working-any alternative suggestions?

Hi all,

I have successfully completed week 1 of C25K using the app & really enjoyed using it, now I've come to unlock week 2 & it won't open-I've done day 3 of week 1 3 times now while I'm trying to get into in but still no luck-anyone got any suggestions for another good app as I'm due in the gym at 08:45!!!


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Good morning. Well done on completing week one. I had exactly the same problem as you when moving to second week. I had to delete the app, then reinstate it, and has been fine ever since. Hope this helps x


Ok I'll try that, fingers crossed it works!


I downloaded the podcasts last year as I don't think there was the app then and I need the music on the podcasts so I can run to the beat. They're very good.



Are you able to download to your iPhone, I also need music to run to!


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