Goal Weight one achieved!

I've achieved my first goal weight of 49.8kg in my first week. I've set small and steady goals for every Friday, as I've been educated that our weight fluctuates throughout the day and the next day I could be back over my goal weight. For example, I was 49.3kg then suddenly rose?! Insane - but goal weight 1 reached, 300 - 400g lost. Next goal - 49.4kg. Wish me luck :*


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  • Have you checked your BMI - this will give you the healthy range of weight for your height /age / gender? It may be worth doing this before trying to lose any more weight - perhaps you are better just thinking about ensuring your diet is healthy and having a reasonable amount of exercise?

  • My BMI is currently (as of this mornings weigh in) 20.3, so it's still within a healthy weight range.

  • Great - I'm glad you've checked and are in the healthy weight range. I am still dreaming of getting down to a healthy weight. Please don't lose too much though - stay in that healthy range, and enjoy it!

  • I'll definitely stay within my range, I just want a bit of muscle rather than fat ;) Good luck! And thankyou :*

  • That's a low body weight already....it might be best to get your BMI checked so you can see whats the healthy range for you, it depends how tall you are, also you could speak to either your GP or practice nurse they may be able to refer you to someone who can help. Wish you the best of luck, take care x

  • It's healthy for my height, but slightly high. My BMI is now currently 20.3 as of this morning. Thankyou mlove (:

  • A BMI of 20.3 is NOT slightly high. A healthy range is between 19 and 25, so you are at the lower end of the range. You really don't need to lose weight. I am a health care professional and as such, rather worried that you feel you are overweight. I would advise that you just try to maintain your current weight, eat healthily and take moderate exercise. Being underweight is just as dangerous as being overweight.

  • I thought the range was between 18 - 25? I don't look as light as I may sound, my shortness makes me look podgy. I'm not going to go over the top, I just want to get somewhere that I can accept myself.

  • Elly....Blom is right, you are already at the lower end of BMI, really think you need to see your GP or pracice nurse, explain what you've been doing, and get proffessional help/advice. Are you very young? Perhaps you could speak to your family too, they may be able to help you x

  • I see a nurse every week that monitors me. I'm 15 years old, my family actually don't understand me at all.

  • Elly, you really don't need to lose more weight. You are in the correct BMI range and you told us in another post that you are 15. How tall are you? I'd say that 49kg (8 stone) is a healthy weight for your age.....Please stop doing this, you will make yourself seriously ill.


  • I'm 155.5cm short. 8 stone is the heaviest ive ever been in my life and it's quite hard to accept that.

  • elly honey - you've never been 15 before either. Your weight increases as you grow. You may very well fill out a bit too so that will increase your weight.

    You're only an inch taller than me (though many years younger - I could be your grandma!!!) but when I was 15 I was around your weight by the time I was 20 my weight had settled to around 8.5 stones where it stayed for years. Now I'll be happy if I can get down to 9 stone (150kg).

    At 15 life is for living, trying new things - not getting hung up on a few measly lbs. Never mind what people say - they don't matter. You have to care about YOU and your health now and for the future. Don't do yourself damage which may cause you severe problems in later life.

    I'm sure the nurse you see is not telling you to lose weight...is she?


  • I didn't realise that you are only 15. If you continue to lose weight, eventually your periods will stop and this can have dire consequences on your future health. It can effect your fertility and your bone mineral density, which can lead to osteoporosis in later life.

    As others have said, you really need to talk to somebody about your body image. Are you having problems with school/at home/ with boys? If you can't talk to your parents is there a teacher you are particularly close too, an aunt, a friends mum?

    I know it is hard for girls of your age to go to see a GP or nurse without your parents being involved, but there are plenty of other people out there that you can talk to. I strongly advise you to do so before it all gets out of hand.

    Good luck and stop dieting.

  • And why would you call yourself 'ellysucks'?

  • It's a little joke at my school that goes around in my group of mates. Nothing personal ^-^

  • Oh good, that's ok then!

    I got all maternal and protective for a minute, sorry !

  • Just remember that you have another four years of growing yet. So not only will you get taller, you will get bigger hips, bum and boobs. It's all part of the natural process of becoming an adult. Don't waste your teenage years worrying about a bit of 'excess' weight. Go out and have fun (eat cake!).

  • At the age of 15 you need to be very careful that you don't lose much more weight. Bmi for teenagers is slightly skewed and not accurate. I teach health and social care and see a lot of this. Adolescents who think they are fat or a little podgy with low bmis, are in fact doing what they should b doing which is putting on weight to grow taller and at the age of 15 you have a lot of growing room left. I would suggest going all out for exercise but to just eat healthily and have the odd blowout. You need the calories and the vitamins to develop. The exercise will help with flabby bits and make your bones and muscles stronger. Running, judo etc are all great for this you don't need a gym just a good pair of running shoes. Take care and be careful. Chay.

  • Ps your brain needs the calories too if you're going to do well in the exams etc. Your weight will increase but it's meant to. Nature wouldn't be doing the right things otherwise. Your parents probably unserstsn

  • Understand more than you think. It may be a good idea to at least hear them out. Adolescence brings out the alien in you and in them. You're the one becoming more independent and you'll win if that'sthe correct phrase but tthey're wise and were once 15, even if it was a century ago.

  • DBeing 15 can be hard work, and I can see how you feel. I admire your will power at your age, and you are obviously seeking out the right knowledge and medical support. I was actually overweight at 15, and I still got friends ( and boys ;)) so make sure you are doing this for you rather than for anyone else. P.s. Turned out my parents did know best, much as I hate to admit it :p

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