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Hi all I'm new to this, but not new to dieting, I suppose I'm your classic yoyo dieter. I'm 15 stone 13lb now after losing 1 and a half stone last year, but just can't seem to get motivated at all this year (lost half a pound since January) I'm dreading yet another sweaty summer, how can I get kick started again?? And why do I only start diets on Mondays?? Help!!

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  • Ha ha ha I started on Monday! It must be new week, new you mindset, or a whole week before the next weekend to lose some weight syndrome;-) anyway I'm a typical yo yo dieter too, I want to Lose about 4 stone to lose (currently 16 stone, 5'9" tall) and I like you not looking forward to another sweaty, chaffing summer. Let's keep going this time and change our eating habits for life this time;-)

  • Thanks for replying its nice to know I'm not alone. Let's get started then....this Monday ok ?? Lol x

  • 14.9 It's the biggest I've been since after delivering my children. I too am a yo yo woman, although it feels more like 'THE' yo yo woman. I would like to end this cycle for keeps... I'm going to start mine on Wednesday 5th March' AGAIN' I have a dental appointment so probably won't want to eat after that anyway. The aim is for 12 weeks of sensibility and finding an alternative way of tackling my emotions. Good Luck on this journey. :0)

  • Hi Suzanne, my name is Suzanne too. I weigh 16 stone and 3lb. Just started as well and I am 59 years old. When I read your post I thought you and me are on the same page. I wish you all the success, and hope we could be buddies?

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