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I am detoxing, dieting and exercising. why am I spotty and knackered?

I have been eating reasonably clean for a couple of months now, working up to the serious stuff and on Monday I started seriously sticking to my eating plan (eggs or fruit for breakfast, chicken and salad for dinner and meat/veg etc for tea..no sugar or wheat blah blah blah). I also started running alongside my standard 2.6 mile walk to work and a detox tea plan (tinyteatox, yourtea)

I have never in my adult life had worse skin and I feel completely drained! I have been trawling various forums and seen/heard all of the success stories but why not me? I've not seen any results apart from negative ones and I'm wondering what the point is? I am not an expert but I can't see where I'm going wrong?

I would be so grateful if someone can help advise me how to become the example of exquisite physical condition and not a scabby pig! hahaha :/


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The spots tend to be a symptom that toxins are being mobilised (the skin is the biggest organ of the body).

You will feel depleted, at least in the short-term, by exercising intensely you use up your carbohydrate stores and you aren't eating sufficient carbs to replenish them. You may become 'keto-adapted' after several weeks i.e. your body will start to make more ketones for fuel. However you may consider eating sufficient carbohydrate to fuel your activities. You can still do this without violating your detox by having sweet potatoes or barely ripe bananas for example that provide more carbs with a low/moderate Gi.

Be careful how much fruit you eat; fructose glycosylates haemoglobin seven times more than glucose (making blood sticky and accelerating aging) and excess fructose causes triglyceride accumulation (fatty deposits). See Dr. Robert Lustig's lectures about fructose and leptin resistance.


PS you don't mention how much fat you're having. If you minimise your carb intake you have to increase your (natural) fat intake because you can only have so much protein before it makes you sick; lean protein depletes your liver of fat-soluble vitamins.


Thank you for the awesome reply, I'm not eating that much fruit to be honest, just bananas and a few tangerines here and there (not even daily) and I'm eating sweet potatoes every other day.

I didn't realise I needed fat because that's what I'm trying to get rid of! it's basically meat, veg, eggs, a couple of bananas and lots of water!


You need to include some essential fatty acids, like omega 3. Make sure you eat some fish.


Eating fat does not make you fat, unless you are eating it in the form of biscuits and cake. You need to be eating some natural fats to allow your body to function healthily. I'm not sure that you need to follow any detox plan, just drink some water and have an early night.

Have a look at the suggestions on this site.



Quite often the problem is that we have a build up of toxins in our system. A natural cleanse will rid the body of this, leaving you less bloated and sluggish. I initially, you may find your skin ok gets worse as the toxins leave the body. You could try my aloe Vera cleanse, a 9 day plan to kick start your weight loss and get you back on track.


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Given the prevalence of contaminants in some of these 'medicinal' teas, and also the side effects of even advertised ingredients, that may be a part of the problem. Another factor could be something really simple like the impact of winter on your skin and lack of protection or potentially a reaction to whatever/how much (overload) you are putting on it by way of protection.

One thing you've not mentioned is why you have embarked on this programme.


thanks for all of your messages, I really enjoyed reading them and it's very interested what you're saying, I work at a desk pretty much all day and I used to eat a lot of rubbish, I'm not ginormous but I feel bad.. inside and out. It's affecting my confidence and I'm getting married in October! want to be a pretty little bride. I'm 156 pounds, 5'7'' and my bmi is 24ish.. granted I'm in the healthy weigh section but I'd rather be in the middle rather that to the obese end. I used to be very slim and quite toned about 10 years ago, very defined abs but now I've got a wobbly tummy and big thighs. hate it! trying so hard to fit exercise into every spare chunk of time I get to get healthy and happy again!


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