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SOOOO I read the comments from last week and made a huge effort to cut my bread down and not touch white bread. I managed to lose the dreaded pound that returned and lose an extra half!! So that makes 10.5 pounds down and 24.5 to go! My mini goal was to lose a stone by weigh in next week...so thats 3.5 pounds- im being realistic I dont think ill do it but Im aiming high. Starting week 7 now of the running which i cannot believe- i hated running with a passion. Now Im running for 25 mins, who knew!

This week its going to be a challenge as its my other half birthday- but i have already looked at where were eating on saturday and figured what im going to eat. Plus iv brought him a cake and already added that to my food diary for sunday so i know what i can have the rest of the day.

HUGE HELP THIS WEEK-people have started to notice. People who didnt know I was dieting or trying to lose weight which has made me extremely chuffed and motivated to keep going.

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Hi there

Just wanted to say well done to you as you sound like you've worked really hard,I am on week six and haven't done much running as I've got a dodgy knee but I have started going for little jogs with my dog which I think has made a difference,upto now I've lost 1 stone 3 pounds and I have to say I've found it a lot easier than going to. A slimming club and it's free!,hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy your cake x


Well done! Think the forward planning is a good idea - my other half's birthday on Wednesday - forward planning is DEFINITELY needed!


Well done,especially with forward planning. I have not been very good lately with evening snacks so I am still trying to get rid of my last few pounds but I am doing c25k and other exercise and that makes me hungry. Its brilliant when people notice the difference though isn't it? That has been one of my biggest motivations.


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