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#WLC Week 8 - Monday weigh-in

Morning weight loss club members!

Welcome to #WLC W8 weigh-in. Only four weeks to go!

Use this blog to share:

-your up-to-date weight status

-any weight loss achievements

-stories of resilience and self-determination

-any food and/or activity slip ups

-your goals for the coming week

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It would be helpful if you could get rid of the spam messages first: I don't want to put such personal information on a site where my data can be so easily accessed by the world and his dog.


I agree. Please sort this or I think you will find that eventually this site will fold due to lack of interest.


Don't know what I missed, but I'm glad the week 8 thread is here now.

I lost 1lb this week although I was hoping for more, and felt like I'd lost more. I'm only 2lbs away from hitting the magic BMI now so I'm really hoping/trying to do it this week.


Good to hear your moving in the right direction Legion - fingers crossed for you this week


Thanks Jellymum. For you too. :-) Very quiet in here this week.


I didn't lose or gain any weight this week :(

But I am hopeful for a loss this week, as I weighed myself on thursday morning (today) and there is weight loss going on. Til next Monday - keep strong. M.


On Monday I was so fed up as I was 80kg for the 4th week in a row - some of this time I felt I deserved it but other weeks I had tried so hard. I have got on and off the scales, gently lifted myself using the bathroom sink to educate my scales in what 'lighter' would look like, I got my husband to go on before me and then got back on - same with the kids to offer a variety of weight, I have shook the scales, hit them, shouted at them, but all to no avail - still 80kg. I decided I have an unhealthy relationship with my scales and would not go on till next Monday. However, I broke this on the Tuesday morning and low and behold a whole kg had disappeared overnight (woohoo!) - hope this means I'm back on a roll, and now I will really try not to go back on until next Monday.


If you have reached a plateau there are still things to try Jellymum.

One week of every month try increasing your intake, not so much that you regain weight, but enough so that your body no longer thinks it's starving.

Take account that you have lost weight so you are moving less weight around; you are less active. That doesn't mean you need to do unreasonable amounts of exercise though. Look at your food intake to take account of the change. If you are less active you will need fewer carbohydrates. Could you change the proportions to have more vegetables, less fruit and starches?

Take stock that you are eating healthily; minimise processed food, minimise fructose intake, eat foods that don't unduly raise insulin levels glycemicindex.com, eat the fats that accompany protein naturally, in sensible portions.

If you are hungry between meals it means you aren't eating enough satiating foods and/or you're eating to much food that stimulates your appetite.


Thanks for the advice Concerned. The link looks interesting - I've not really looked into GI before, so I've bookmarked the page and will have a good look at it. I do quite a lot of exercise, but I can see that as my fitness levels have improved I've relaxed a bit and enjoyed that feeling of being able to do it more easily rather than really pushing myself, and as you say, there is slightly less of me to move around too. So maybe push the intensity of the exercise a bit more as well as taking a look again at what I'm eating as well as just how much. Thanks again.


Down a very very scant lb this week. But I did drink loads of water last night (really thirsty after my 5-miler - yes, 5 miles!), so maybe that's affecting this morning's weight. LOL talk about clutching at straws. All that extra air I breathed in on my run. And my nails have grown since last week's weigh-in. And I've changed my toothpaste this week. All these things that influence that scale reading...


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