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WLCW7 Weight 11st 12, 9 lb lost so far but Help, please?!

I must admit that I've not lost much so far, but what is amazing is that I've not gained over the last 2 weeks. My only child, 22, English, is now in Ukraine, a country that is teetering towards civil war. To his face ( thank God for email, skype) I'm positive but realistic, I wanna let him fly, but inside myself, I'm suffering from a gnawing anxiety, I'm afraid for him. I don't smoke, take drugs or go with wimmin. My coping mechanism is food. So I've been comfort eating. The great news is that I'm now back on the wagon, but I could sure use some messages of support. I live alone, and have OA of the neck, lower back, shoulders and knees, which generates pain, frustration, fatigue, low mood. So I'm giving myself a good talking to and I aim to lose 2lb this week. Good luck to all fellow healthy eaters.

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Hi pocketvenus,

Don't be too hard on yourself. We all have periods of difficult times in our lives - times of stress, loss, anxiety, fear or whatever.

Look you have lost some weight and you haven't put any on in the last couple of weeks so you doing something right. If you're getting into better eating habits, eating more nutritious food and cutting back on the rubbish then you're going in the right direction.

Try and hold the weight loss thing together as much as you can and, in particular do try to keep up the healthy and nutritious eating, but if it slips a bit, these things happen.

The more anxious and stressed you are then probably the harder you'll find it to actually lose weight.. But, you know, if you lose 2lb this week, or 2lb next week, or even the week after, how much does it really matter?

Now,if you can't go in that direction as fast as you might like to, at this moment - because of other things in your life - then just do the best you can and then try and pick up on it again at a better time for you.

What did that famous bloke say about "the best laid plans?" Sometimes life is just like that. If now isn't the best time to put your plan into action, then perhaps just bide your time with it and keep it ticking over on a back burner until the right moment.

Good luck with it all.


Thank you for your well balanced reply, Doikosp. I'm determined to keep up the good work I have done so far, it's the longest I've been off junk food in years. It's really helpful that you wrote about the 'right time'. It's so difficult to predict what wil happen next, so I've decided that with 6 weeks of mostly healthy eating, that there's no time like the present! PS Love your husky.


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