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Here it goes again!

First day of a 12 week programme. Before Xmas I started this journey and I completed the couch to 5k and now run 2-3 x a week. However since Christmas Eve my eating has got out of control and I need to reign it in. I am back to the weight I started with last September which is pants but on the positive I can still run 5k! So today I have reset my fitness app and my journey starts again. I have at least 4 stone to lose so here it goes!

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Hey good luck with it!!!i am on week 9 of the program at the moment and so far lost 6 pounds :-) i know this does not sounds like a lot but the reality is i am really pleased with it, i had a few weeks with slip ups and eating out with friends and all and yet i am still loosing...i am completely amazed that this can be happening without actually starving myself or taking any sort of weird supplements!!! amazing result on your 5k i tried it before but think running is just not for me, so i signed up for the gym that has lots of classes to attend and i really like it! i am sure you will stay motivated with this and soon will see the results! by now i feel more or less like this is the way of life now rather then the diet!

Christmas is always tough time for all as there is just so much food around :-)

Good luck with your weight loss journey!


Hi Pinkymagee,

You know, I'd be inclined to suggest that you work out just how your eating "got out of control" and what you might be able to learn from that to help you avoid it happening again.

No - I'm not suggesting you beat yourself up about it, or dwell on it in any sort of negative way.

But perhaps, if you spend a little time thinking about what led up to that, and what things you could change you'd have some insight into how you might - if you went through the same, or similar - keep control, or at least, keep better control, of your eating.

Perhaps it was some very stressful life event - really something of an exceptional one-off type of thing.

But, if not, perhaps there's something to learn from it, to carry forward into and help with your current weight loss journey.

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


I'm doing first day of the 12 week plan too. I looked at it last week but didn't make any changes (one step at a time!) but this week I'm starting in a well motivated spirit. Good luck, hope we both have good news next week!


Thank you for the replies. I feel determined, and with support we all will get there


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