Week 1 weigh in!

Morning everyone, well I've just had my 1st weigh in and have to say I've lost 3lbs!!!! Woohoo!!! I'm so pleased and even went out for a meal one night and had an Indian takeaway another! I just made wiser choices I guess! I've drunk loads more water which I guess probably gave me the 1 inch loss from my waist as already feeling less bloated! And even better...........I've not really felt hungry! Bonus! How has everyone else got on this week? Xx

2 Replies

  • Well done Michwat! I'm starting week 1 today so will hopefully have good news next week!! Keep up the good work!

  • Well done for losing 3 lbs...I put on 1.5 lbs ...so im back on track this week...have a good week.

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